Insider Tips for the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Atlanta's favorite foodie festival is almost here

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

Only one week left until the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival returns to the lobby of Loews Atlanta. Launched in 2012, this “feastival”—formed by friends Elizabeth Feichter and Dominique Love—is the ultimate event for any foodie. Running from Thursday, June 1st-Sunday, June 4th, Atlanta Food & Wine is centered is around three different categories: Learning Experiences, Tasting Experiences, and Dinners and Events. ... Read More »

The Spice of Atlanta Living

How The Shed’s Justin Dixon found his inspiration—and his notoriety

When Justin Dixon talks about his past, it’s laced with an attractive humility—a simple collection of stories and happenstances that led, ultimately, to his place at the helm of The Shed at Glenwood. But Dixon’s story paints a picture not just of his own journey, but of Atlanta and its dynamic culinary growth through the years. DiningOut sat down with ... Read More »

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

How visionaries Anthony Fortson and Rob Waller are reinvigorating downtown

The League Tavern

To those in the know, the pulse of Atlanta is undeniably Peachtree Street—a stretch of downtown bustling with dazzling retail, towering businesses, and a rainbow of entertainment. Wherever you land on this happening strip, you’re mere blocks away from iconic hotels like The Atlanta Marriott Marquis, The Hyatt Regency, and the W Atlanta, while landmark institutions Hard Rock Cafe, the ... Read More »

Food Focus: Taiwan

Tips on Taiwanese cooking from Chef Ivy Chen

Taiwan sits between southeast Asia, China and Japan—three pow­er­­houses of culi­nary tradition. While the island’s cuisine draws from them all, it still shines with its distinct taste. “We have our own unique flavor. The local ingredients make it ours,” says private chef Ivy Chen, who runs hands-on cooking classes out of her cozy, Taipei apartment. Having mastered the art of ... Read More »

25 Things We Love About Atlanta This Summer

(in no particular order)

Anis Bistro

1-Chef-driven seafood at Reel Seafood Chef David Silverman is a distinguished veteran with 30-plus years in the culinary arts. He’s learned nearly every aspect of the restaurant business, from dishwashing at 14 to working his way up to an executive chef position at Prime. When it came to opening up his own business, Reel Seafood, he chose to settle in ... Read More »

Pie’s the Limit at Nancy’s Pizza

Discover stuffed pizza at one of Atlanta’s most beloved pizza stops

Nancy's Chicago Pizza

Pizza aficionados are well versed in many shades of pizza—Chicago deep dish, Neapolitan, and New York-style ranking high on the list—but even so, very few know about stuffed pizza. In 1971, Nancy and Rocco Palese decided to open up their first pizza parlor in Chicago with a signature thin crust pie at the heart of the menu. However, the pies ... Read More »

Giving Back with the Giving Kitchen

From a community helping one family to support for an entire industry


  The most important ingredient in a restaurant’s recipe for success is its people. Chefs, bartenders, and servers alike each play a role in crafting memorable experiences centered around food. Sadly, however, these workers often don’t receive the compensation and support they desperately need. Low wages, meager benefits, and inconsistent tips leave many on the edge of a financial crisis. ... Read More »

Food Talk

With Dan Jurafsky, author of "The Language of Food"

In “The Language of Food,” Stanford University linguistics professor and chair Dan Jurafsky journeys into the linguistic history of all things culinary. Jurafsky explores food terminology with easy-to-digest etymologies, entertaining anecdotes, and even snippets of ancient recipes—as well as some not-so-ancient ones, like Emily Dickinson’s recipe for coconut cake. “The Language of Food” asks questions about the similarities between words like macaroon, macaron, and ... Read More »

30 Things We Love About Atlanta, Spring 2016

(in no particular order)

Lovie's BBQ

1: The 60-Year Legacy of The Silver Skillet Founded in 1956, The Silver Skillet was purchased by George and Louise Decker in 1967. George successfully operated the restaurant for 21 years until his passing in 1988. During his time as owner, George was dedicated to cooking the best breakfast around while providing unmatched customer service. Without a doubt, he succeeded, building ... Read More »

Scales 925: Luxe Experience, Southern Comfort, and Grand Style

Scales 925

There are periods in history undeniably cemented in our memories. Laced with grandiose style and splendor, these years have been captured in photographs and paintings—wistful reminders of the good old days. A classic example: the 1920s. Roaring with opulence, it was also a complicated decade in American history. On the one hand, an undeniable culture of indulgence de ned the ‘20s. ... Read More »