The Spice of Atlanta Living

How The Shed’s Justin Dixon found his inspiration—and his notoriety

When Justin Dixon talks about his past, it’s laced with an attractive humility—a simple collection of stories and happenstances that led, ultimately, to his place at the helm of The Shed at Glenwood. But Dixon’s story paints a picture not just of his own journey, but of Atlanta and its dynamic culinary growth through the years. DiningOut sat down with ... Read More »

Food Talk

With Dan Jurafsky, author of "The Language of Food"

In “The Language of Food,” Stanford University linguistics professor and chair Dan Jurafsky journeys into the linguistic history of all things culinary. Jurafsky explores food terminology with easy-to-digest etymologies, entertaining anecdotes, and even snippets of ancient recipes—as well as some not-so-ancient ones, like Emily Dickinson’s recipe for coconut cake. “The Language of Food” asks questions about the similarities between words like macaroon, macaron, and ... Read More »

European Health Secrets

Boulder author Layne Lieberman dishes on Swiss, French, and Italian diet tips

Beyond the Mediterranean

Paleo. Gluten-free. Raw foods. Which of these dietary trends have you or someone you know tested in the recent past? Award-winning culinary nutritionist and Boulder-based author Layne Lieberman, RD, believes the key to a healthy lifestyle is simpler than these passing fads. While living in Switzerland, she discovered the eating habits that allow the Swiss to enjoy the second longest ... Read More »

A Taste of Community

The delicious and heart-warming embrace of Henry’s and Campagnolo

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time in the early aughts when Midtown was a shadow of its current self. There was an almost palpable lack of cohesion, and very few places for locals to gather and call their own. Maureen Kalmanson was one of the many who helped to fill that void. She spent several years in ... Read More »

The Antico Phenomenon

Tableside chat with the champ, Giovanni Di Palma

By David Danzig It’s not uncommon for a new restaurant to make an impact on the local dining scene. Sometimes, a new cuisine momentarily captures the scene’s collective imagination. Sometimes, a notable new interior design garners buzz. Sometimes, a new dish strikes a chord and causes both patrons and local chefs to sit up and take notice. But in most ... Read More »

Stars of the FOH

Nominate your favorite front-of-house pro!

Most of the time, chefs get all the glory when it comes to rave reviews and restaurant accolades, while front-of-the-house professionals toil away with little credit. If you’ve ever had your dining experience shine because of a sensational server, host, general manager, bartender, or other front-of-house pro, nominate him or her here: Loading… Read More »

Chef David Silverman and Reel Seafood in the Kitchen

Saturday, September 20 at 8:04pm

A distinguished veteran of the kitchen, Chef David Silverman has spent his career building a global resume—from sushi chef to tapas chef. When it came time to open his own concept with his wife Karen, he chose to settle into his own neighborhood with a seafood-inspired menu. “Truthfully, I have always wanted to cook for friends and family in Woodstock. Reel is a chef-driven fresh seafood concept ... Read More »

Sear Restaurant at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis

{265 Peachtree Center Avenue NE, Atlanta | 404.586.6134} Helmed by the estimable Chef Alexander Busch, Sear is the signature concept of the Atlanta Marriott-grounded in the fire-cooked American fare and seasonal creations. This time of year, guests can look forward to Busch’s Low Country BBQ Shrim with tasso ham-fitting for an Atlanta mainstay-not to mention the out-of-this-world Lamb Tenderloin with ... Read More »

Chef Roundtable

Winter 2014

You recently found out you have to make a three-course holiday meal for 15 people. You have 12 hours to come up with the menu and prepare everything. What do you prepare and what wines would you pair with each course? First course: Margiritsa Soup composed of lamb offal, scallions, onion, fresh dill, romaine, and avgolemono (egg-lemon mixture) Wine Pairing: ... Read More »

Benvenuiti a Little Italia

The flavors of the Old World find a welcome home in Atlanta

Atlanta is, without a doubt, the crown jewel of the South. Its character and charm make it a darling not only of Southern culture, but of Southern dining. And yet, who would have thought it boasts and Italian diaspora-lovingly dubbed Little Italia-equally as charming as its Southern mainstays? It does indeed, all the thanks to the grace and ambition of ... Read More »