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Carol and Greg Crumley, Winemakers at CeNita Vineyards & Winery

As 4th generation farmers, husband and wife team, Greg Crumley and Carol Chambers Crumley were born and raised on this land and knew how to grow anything, so they took the old family dairy farm and planted wine grapes in 2008. With Jim Law’s book, The Backyard Vintner, and Jeff Cox’s book From Vines to Wines, in hand, they started by growing the wine first. A mixture of vinifera and hybrids, including Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, Vidal Blanc, Chambourcin, etc. flourished in the rich North Georgia soil.

Greg and Carol Crumley enjoying the fruits of their labors

Knowing grape varieties and their capabilities; growing quality grapes, is the beginning of making really good estate wines. Many years the wine practically makes itself, some years it needs a little help. Vintage to vintage Greg and Carol know what they have to work with and go from there.

After working with Mother Nature, timing and chemistry are crucial to making wines that people want to drink again and again. That’s why Greg & Carol consider themselves Winegrowers.

Just as many successful businesses started in a garage, CeNita Vineyards & Winery is no exception. They grew the vines, next they had to make the wine – so they started making small batches, where else? – In the garage. As the vines grew, the garage grew into the Winery and Tasting Room, with renovations, of course. Now CeNita produces 1000 + cases a year from our Estate vines and are continuing to grow every year.

The Crumleys tending their North Georgia vines

North Georgia has grown substantially in Vineyards & Wineries and Agritourism due to the rich soil and temperate climate as well as the vast microclimates located at the beginning of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, creating a perfect place for a diverse wine growing experience not unlike the beginning of California’s wine growing regions… as Jim Barrett from Chateau Montelena once said, ”Not bad for kids from the sticks.”

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By Denise Romeo, Atlanta City Editor