Dig into Balanced Breakfasts at Cupitol

The family spot has expanded their coffee and bakery chain

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make your breakfast delicious, healthy, and locally sourced at Cupitol. With locations in Evanston {812 Grove Street, Evanston; 847.868.8078} and now Streeterville {455 East Illinois Street, Chicago; 312.414.1400}, Cupitol is run by a Chicago family who really knows their breakfast. We spoke with Owner Sellia Georges, who told us the perfect way to ... Read More »

Chef’s Culinary Bucket Lists

Chicago chefs dish on must-try eats

In a culinary landscape as rich and diverse as Chicago, there are myriad must-have indulgences across town. And while that may seem a challenge to pare down, we’ve shortened the list for you. Listed are favorites hand-picked by notable chefs across the city—both from their own menus, and from restaurants they frequent. After all, who better to give culinary advice ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Cory Morris from Ronero

Get some Latin flair going on your weekend menu

Whether you are looking for a relaxing, upscale meal or a kick-butt rum cocktail, Ronero {738 West Randolph Street, Chicago; 312.600.6105} in the West Loop has you covered. Led by Executive Chef and Partner CoryMorris, the culinary team serves up regional dishes from Latin America that will keep your taste buds happy. Despite being fairly new to the Chicago food scene, Ronero ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Chef John Manion of El Che Bar

The flavors of South America arrive in Chicagoland

John Manion’s star is rising in Chicago. Despite the fact that he’s been a Chicago-area chef for nearly two decades, the last few years have put him on the culinary map. When Manion was just eight years old, his family was transplanted to sprawling São Paulo, Brazil, introducing him to a whole new world of food at a young age, ... Read More »

Keeping Pace

Words from women in the restaurant industry

A career in the restaurant industry isn’t for everyone. Endless hours, tough physical demands, and cutthroat competition make this business difficult no matter who you are. It’s a field for the passionate and tenacious, the talented and the tireless. But are the opportunities equal for both men and women? It’s an argument that has persisted through the ages in societies ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Kingsbury Street Cafe

Led by a family of strong female culinarians, this cafe is not-to-miss

From food TV show hosts and judges to executive chefs, to owners and operators of restaurants, women are a culinary force to be reckoned with. Monique Duong Mark, General Manager of Kingsbury Street Cafe {1523 North Kingsbury Street, Chicago; 312.280.1718}, is one such force. Partnered with her mother, Hoa Dong, the two opened the family restaurant in September of 2011 with the goal of presenting ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Chef Chris Pandel at Bristol

Last year's Jean Banchet winner talks about the Chicago food and philanthropy community

A good chef does much more than cook food. They create an experience for their diners and represent their culinary city and influences, both past and present. They also can make a great difference in their hometown. This Friday, February 3 is the annual Grand Chefs Gala hosted by the Chicago Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. More than fifty chefs, mixologists, ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Chef Charles Welch from Honey’s

The new Chicago hot spot is winning awards, supporting local charities, and serving up delicious food

Nothing tastes sweeter than honey, except maybe dinner at West Loop’s recent addition, Honey’s {1111 West Lake Street, Chicago; 312.877.5929}. Led by Executive Chef Charles Welch, along with partners Justin Furman and Tyrone Redic, the intimate but creative spot serves up American dishes with a Mediterranean influence. And though it only opened last summer, diners and critics alike are starting to ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Lobster by Fabio

Chef Fabio Viviani is expanding his culinary reach with fresh lobsters shipped to your home

A lobster dinner means a celebration. It means treating yourself. Most of the time, it also means going to a fancy restaurant and a higher price tag. Now, all that is changing, thanks to Lobster by Fabio, the latest business venture from Chef Fabio Viviani. After serving the delicious fish at restaurants like Siena Tavern, one of Chicago’s favorite Italian ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Gino Bartucci

From BarTucci to the dana hotel and spa, Gino Bartucci is a man with a rich culinary history

What is your average day like in the life of Gino Bartucci? “Imagine having a big game every day that you win, lose, and tie at the same time. It’s kind of like that.” With an answer like that, you can imagine each day is an adventure for Bartucci, who comes from a culinary family and is now the owner of ... Read More »