Get Your BBQ On

Celebrate National Rib Day with these barbecue classics

We are all for a fresh salad or a light fish dish, but sometimes foodies have to go all in. If there was one day to do that, it would be National Rib Day. Luckily for us, that day also happens to be today, April 27, so grab your bibs and get ready to dig in. This food holiday is ... Read More »

Chicago Foodies Love Lincoln Park

The storied history of a celebrated Chicago neighborhood

Lincoln Park is one of the most beloved neighborhoods in the city, known for its expansive parks, beautiful brownstones, and proximity to the Lake Michigan. This neighborhood north of downtown also boasts the eponymous Lincoln Park Zoo (which is free), the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and a plethora of family-friendly activities. Rich with history, the lush neighborhood wasn’t always what ... Read More »

Burger Paradise at Rosebud Steakhouse

Learn more about how this iconic Chicago restaurant creates their signature burger

There really is nothing quite like a great burger. Juicy, cheesy goodness, completed with all the toppings you love—it’s a meal you can’t resist! No restaurant knows that better than Rosebud Steakhouse {192 East Walton Street, Chicago; 312.397.1000}. Their Classic Rosebud Burger is made with a 12-ounce prime beef patty on a pretzel bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles. It ... Read More »

Go Green for Earth Day in Chicago

Choose some of these light and fresh options for a healthier meal this weekend

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and while that holiday doesn’t always make people think of food, we wanted to use the opportunity to highlight some of the healthier items on Chicago menus. You can always “go green” with a salad or wrap to eat light on Earth Day, but Windy City chefs have also created an array of lighter menu options, ... Read More »

In the Kitchen with Chef John Manion of El Che Bar

The flavors of South America arrive in Chicagoland

John Manion’s star is rising in Chicago. Despite the fact that he’s been a Chicago-area chef for nearly two decades, the last few years have put him on the culinary map. When Manion was just eight years old, his family was transplanted to sprawling São Paulo, Brazil, introducing him to a whole new world of food at a young age, ... Read More »

Tax Day Specials Worth Every Dollar

Chicago's hottest spots can help you celebrate—or ease the pain—of filing your taxes

Tax season can either be a very good time or a very painful one. We hope you are going to be reveling in a tax refund from old Uncle Sam, but even if you’re feeling some pain from your filing, we have your back. Plenty of Chicago bars, restaurants and hotels are offering special deals on Monday to make your ... Read More »

Hit the Suburbs for Supper

Heading out of the city this weekend? Hit up these suburban hot spots

Sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Luckily, we don’t have to go far for a getaway. Chicagoans can trip up to suburbs, while still dining like a true Windy City foodie. From new locations of your favorite downtown chains to not-to-miss spots, you can find a meal for every palette outside of ... Read More »

One-Pot Wonders

How to keep warm with soups from around the globe

Baby, it’s cold outside. To keep you snug, we scoured Chicagoland for soulful soups—particularly ethnic, seasonal varieties. And what an alluring array we found! Imagine dazzling, international flavors and a host of mouthwatering textures. Our lineup includes such culinary wonders as fragrant Vietnamese phô, succulent Japanese ramen, and the adored classic French onion. Not to be missed, these inviting “bowls ... Read More »

To the Extreme

Chicago’s most over-the-top culinary indulgences

While it’s true that a new year is often about making resolutions for a more healthful lifestyle, we at DiningOut aren’t opposed to the occasional overindulgence. Case in point: this handful of Chicagoland restaurants that cater to the dramatic with some outrageously decadent menu items. Though popular New Year’s resolutions seem to always sway towards healthy eating, rewarding yourself for ... Read More »

Warmth and Whimsy

Fine food and refined cocktails at Conrad Chicago

Chicago’s patchwork of neighborhoods is one of the things that makes the city so great. Deeply rooted in its multifaceted neighborhood culture, each with its own style and character, it makes for a true melting pot indicative of a world-class metropolis. While some pockets of the city are visibly entrenched and distinct in this regard, the downtown area used to ... Read More »