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Celebrate Summer at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago

Jump into the summer season at The Godfrey with new menu items, pup-friendly parties, and more

Summer is here at last, and there is no better place to celebrate than The Godfrey Hotel Chicago {127 West Huron Street, Chicago; 312.649.2000}. From street side patio sights to skyline views on the iconic roofscape, the hotel has all of your sunshine summer needs covered. All summer long, guests can experience signature events from an 80’s and 90’s Tribute Dance Party every Thursday at the I|O Godfrey rooftop to a Woofs + Wine puppy happy hour every Wednesday on the Dolce Italian patio. The Godfrey’s Food and Beverage Director Grant Gedemer is giving us his menu picks, favorite tunes, and pup-approved patio nights at the hotel.

I|O’s Smoked Vanilla Manhattan

DiningOut: What does the new season mean at The Godfrey?

Grant Gedemer: It’s such an exciting time for The Godfrey Hotel. Literally, everything is open, from our retractable roof in I|O Godfrey to the awesome al fresco patio at Dolce. It gives us and everyone the opportunity to celebrate the best time of year to be in Chicago. No other city on earth comes alive the way Chicago does in the summer, and while I|O Godfrey is open year-round, we really go for it in true Chicago fashion in the warmer months.

Seasonal Sashimi and Nigri Platter

You have a number of promotions, including 80’s and 90’s tribute night on Thursdays. Why focus on those decades?

The 80’s and 90’s are really the last time music was truly original. A lot of today’s music is a remix or a cover or a “sound-a-like” of 80’s and 90’s music. Music as a creative form of expression is in a bit of a rut right now, so it is important to embrace a time when music really mattered.

Will there be drink and menu specials for those nights too?

We have our own version of a certain iconic bottled beverage from the 90’s that starts with a “Z,” and will feature some other offerings throughout. I|O Godfrey has always focused on approachable menu offerings so our guests can experience the space and awesome vibe more often than just on a “special occasion.”

What are some of your favorite trends from the 80’s and 90’s that will be showcased?

It is not so much about the trends as it is a way to honor the music from those decades. You’ll see inspired uniforms on the staff and relive some iconic music videos. Each week at 9 pm we do a “Top 9 at 9” countdown like they used to do on the radio to countdown the nine most popular song in that week’s genre. But don’t expect an “80’s/90’s Party” in the traditional sense. We’re paying tribute, not poking fun.

You’re also bringing back your Woofs and Wine program! Why is it important to show our four-legged friends some love?

Our neighbors are very important to us, and we want to offer them a place to hang out with their best friends, enjoy delicious food and cocktails, and make new local friends!

Note: The Woofs & Wine program invites dog parents to bring their furry friend to Dolce Italian’s patio for a canine-friendly happy hour. All guests who dine al fresco with a pup will receive a complimentary glass of wine with any other purchase. Each dog in attendance will also receive a specialty dog treat.

Photo via Dolce Italian

What are some of your favorite seasonal menu items at Dolce Italian?

You will find fresh and delicious spring flavors all over our menu such as ramps, spring onions, and fava beans. One of the newest dinner items that offers a fresh taste of spring is the Garden Mint Salad with peas, shallots, asparagus, radish, cucumber, carrots, and feta.

And what wine or cocktail would you pair with them?

All of our rosés by the glass, including Summer Water Rosé, pair perfectly with our housemade pastas and make for an amazing al fresco experience. Also, be sure to try our new grappa mojito, the Mambo Italiano.

By Kaleigh Glaza,  Online Editor

I|O’s Pomegranate Mojito