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Celebrate the Holidays with Geja’s Cafe Champagne Fest

Join Chicago's favorite date spot for their 37th year of celebrating bubbly

Geja's Cafe

Nothing says “celebration” quite like a glass of bubbly! Starting this weekend, and just in time for the holiday season, you can now look forward to three months of celebrating at Geja’s Cafe {340 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago; 773.281.9101} thanks to their 37th Annual Champagne Festival. It all kicks off with a special tasting this Sunday, December 4, starting at 1 PM. It will feature unique and delicious Champagnes for only $30 per person.

If you need to brush up on your sparkling skills before the big event, Jeff Lawler of Geja’s Cafe gave us the inside scoop on Drappier Champagne, New Years Eve, and why we should celebrate all year long …

Geja's Cafe

This weekend kicks off a three-month celebration! What can guests expect?

Geja’s Cafe has been featuring the Champagne festival for 37 years out of our 51-year history. There is not a better time to enjoy Champagne with friends and family. Champagne is perfect for December, whether getting together to celebrate the holidays or ringing in the new year. Then there is February, the month of love. There is no better way to celebrate the love you have than with a bottle of Champagne and fondue dining.

Geja's Cafe

Of all the wine varietals, why focus on Champagne?

Geja’s celebrates wine varietals all year long with our wide variety of wine festivals where we feature wines from around the world. The reason we choose to celebrate sparkling and Champagne wines is because December-February is all about celebration. So each year we find a different Champagne house to feature—this year is Drappier Champagne.

Some people think of Champagne as being too sweet. What do you say to them?

It is a misconception. Most Champagnes and sparkling wines are created in a medium to dry style, but you can order them sweet to very sweet.

Geja's Cafe

New Years Eve is also coming up! What are some unique ways people can use Champagne to celebrate?

Well, we all know the traditional way is to have a glass of bubbles in one hand, your New Year’s Eve horn in the other, and to be surrounded by the one you love. So at midnight you are ringing in the New Year with a kiss and a toast with your favorite bubbles. As far as different ways people can use Champagne, I like to start my day with a mimosa. I’ve also attended house parties with Champagne punches and unique cocktails. So you don’t need to wait until midnight to enjoy Champagne. Celebrate throughout the day but enjoy it responsibly.

How is the restaurant celebrating the New Year?

We have three New Year’s Eve seatings (5pm, 7:30pm, and 10pm) available for our fans of fondue to ring in the New Year. Our earlier time are perfect for thos who may have house parties to attend to, however our 10PM seating always sells out quickly because people like ringing out/in the old and New Year. We know how to celebrate in grand fashion.

Geja's Cafe

What do you think makes the restaurant such a great date spot?

What has made us such a great date spot is due to a few unique ingredients: Starting with a romantic atmosphere of dimly lit booth seating, with a touch of classical and flamenco guitar music, guests can start off the night with our exquisite fondue dining. Our appetizer, crafted with Swiss gruyère cheese fondue served with bread, apples, and grapes, is perfect for couples to dip and enjoy together. Our entrées of meats, seafood, and vegetables all cooked together in the one pot also adds to the experience. Couples can finish off the night roasting marshmallows together and dipping their strawberries, bananas, and Rice Krispie Treats into our Belgium chocolate fondue, a great end to a romantic night.

What is one thing we should remember for Champagne Festival?

While sparkling and Champagne wines are sure to be enjoyed these next few months, I feel we should be celebrating life all year long. And if you enjoy Champagne then drink it throughout the year.

Geja's Cafe

By Kaleigh Glaza | Online Editor