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Dig into Balanced Breakfasts at Cupitol

The family spot has expanded their coffee and bakery chain

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make your breakfast delicious, healthy, and locally sourced at Cupitol. With locations in Evanston {812 Grove Street, Evanston; 847.868.8078} and now Streeterville {455 East Illinois Street, Chicago; 312.414.1400}, Cupitol is run by a Chicago family who really knows their breakfast. We spoke with Owner Sellia Georges, who told us the perfect way to kick off the morning.

DiningOut: The restaurant business runs in your family!

Sellia Georges: I was involved with the restaurants from an extremely early age—I even learned how to count by playing the cash register! Our family restaurants were my home away from home as a child.

What led you to branch out on your own?

I dabbled in matchmaking for a few years while in Greece, and while I loved it, my heart was always in the restaurant industry. When I returned to the States after living in Greece for 10+ years, I realized there were very few quality coffee shops that had amazing food and that there was a lack of all-day eateries that had outstanding coffee. Thus, my inspiration for Cupitol was born.

You have already expanded to a second location. What has led to your success?

I believe counter service is more inviting and allows guest to freely flow in the restaurants when it comes to everyday eateries. I wanted to try this method out with Cupitol, and it has succeeded! Additionally, my dad—who owns the Elly’s, which has 10 locations in Chicago, Kansas City, and Arizona—has mentored me while also giving me the freedom to learn on my own and make mistakes. It’s been a lot of hard work, but he’s been a great mentor throughout the entire process of opening both Cupitol locations.

What sets Cupitol apart from other breakfast spots in Chicago?

Cupitol has a laid-back vibe, where guests are invited to enjoy anything from breakfast food, coffee, or even a cocktail or dessert. Drawing inspiration from my European roots, Cupitol has award-winning coffee, cold press juices, and everything is made fresh from our open kitchen daily. And we are open every day of the year at 7 am!

Tell us about some of your more unique coffee offerings?

Our Freddo is definitely a must-try. It’s a Greek take on a latte. It’s stronger and more flavorful and with chilled espresso, topped with a layer of whipped milk.

The Freddo Latte

You also offer a wide range of delicious pastries and desserts!

Everything is made fresh daily in our bakery. We use seasonal ingredients for our pastries and desserts, and rotate the offerings depending on the time of year.

What are your favorite items on the menu?

Bougatsa, Sweet Cream Pie, and the Freddo Cappuccino are my favorites. I also usually eat our vegan soup every day, with the Kale & Fennel Caesar with shrimp for lunch! I also enjoy our Boost Juice in the AM when I need an extra pick-me-up.

How do you source locally?

All of our tea comes from Spirit Teas right here in Chicago! We also source our cheeses from Wisconsin, and all of our beer offerings are local craft brews.

Describe your perfect morning.

My perfect morning starts with a single origin brew, usually made by my husband, George, using the pour-over method. After our coffee, the two of us go for a run together before getting ready for work. We live on Lake Shore Drive, so it’s a very easy commute to both Streeterville and Evanston, which is always a plus because no traffic is great! Once we arrive at either restaurant, George and I always enjoy a cappuccino before diving into work.

By Kaleigh Glaza, Online Editor