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Grilled Cheese…Not Just Your Average Kids’ Meal

Public House Chicago

Grilled cheese is a go-to for picky eaters,  the perfect choice for when you need some comfort food, and tomato soup’s perfect partner. That doesn’t mean it can’t also be a delicious gourmet meal on its own as well though! These Chicago sandwiches are full of cheesy goodness that you will love no matter your age, mood, or mealtime. With creative touches, unique toppings and all the cheese you could ever want, grilled cheese is about to become every foodies favorite choice…

Public House {400 North State Street, Chicago; 312.265.1240}: Yes, grilled cheese is great on its own, but at Public House, you can also add truffle! And truffle makes everything better. They keep their sandwich classic by pairing with with tomato soup on their main and brunch menus, giving you more opportunities to get your cheese on.

Batter & Berries {2748 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago; 773.248.7710}: They might be known for their pancakes and French toasts, but this bright and cheery cafe also has a great lunch menu including sammies piled high. Come for the grilled cheese and enjoy a more relaxing afternoon meal at this usually bustling breakfast spot.

Mity Nice

Mity Nice {Water Tower Place, 835 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago; 312.335.4745}: Pimento cheddar. Applewood bacon. Watercress. That’s all you need for the famous Mity Nice Grilled Cheese Deluxe. But somehow even with these simple ingredients, they create a truly epic sandwich. Let’s eat!

The Kitchen {316 North Clark Street, Chicago; 312.836.1300}: For a twist on the classic grilled cheese, The Kitchen has a fresh and locally-sourced option. Their Roasted Mushroom sandwich is vegetarian and can be ordered gluten-free. It’s made with River Valley Ranch mushrooms, braised greens, gruyere, and a rich garlic aioli. Perfect for a weekday work lunch!


Yolk {multiple locations}: The Grilled Cheese Supreme is supreme indeed! Goat and cheddar cheeses are complimented by the grilled tomato and bacon, then stacked high on grilled challah bread. Yolk might have been voted one of the best breakfast spots in the city, but this lunchtime item makes them worth a visit post-noon as well. Or, pair it with pancakes for your most epic brunch ever.

Stax Cafe {multiple locations}: Things get sweet and savory with the Adult Grilled Cheese sandwich at Stax Cafe. Made with a combination of Swiss and pepper Jack cheeses, plus bacon, avocado, and a blueberry lemon jam, this sandwich has flavors for everyone! Bring the whole family and order from their expansive menu to try a little bit of everything.

Little Goat Diner

Little Goat Diner {820 West Randolph Street, Chicago; 312.888.3455}: You know Chef Stephanie Izard isn’t going to make just any old grilled cheese sandwich! That’s why hers comes chalk full of gjetost and cheddar cheeses, bacon, and apple-tomato relish. This spot is perfect to take out of town guests or your family for an amazing meal…and lots of cheese!

Bittersweet Pastry & Cafe {1114 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago; 773.929.1100}: Those that can work remotely should definitely add The Cafe of Bittersweet Pastry & Cafe as their next afternoon destination. Bright and cozy, with plenty of coffee and tea options, it’s ideal for a productive afternoon. Start it with the Grilled Cheese (made with sharp cheddar, fontina, and fresh and roasted tomato on a housemade Italian sandwich loaf) and you’ll already be off to a great start!

By Kaleigh Glaza | Online Editor