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In the Kitchen with Lobster by Fabio

Chef Fabio Viviani is expanding his culinary reach with fresh lobsters shipped to your home

Photo Courtesy of Mark Murrell

A lobster dinner means a celebration. It means treating yourself. Most of the time, it also means going to a fancy restaurant and a higher price tag. Now, all that is changing, thanks to Lobster by Fabio, the latest business venture from Chef Fabio Viviani. After serving the delicious fish at restaurants like Siena Tavern, one of Chicago’s favorite Italian chefs is now bringing fresh seafood directly into our homes. He has partnered with Black Point Lobster Company to bring fresh, live lobster to food lovers nationwide.

DiningOut: Why choose lobster as a new business venture?

Fabio Viviani: I like to work with a lot of different businesses, and this was also based on opportunity. We use it our restaurants, I love it, and it’s also a good company. Plus, the lobster is alive so it’s easier to ship. We take them out of the water and ship them to you live. It literally gets out of the water and gets shipped to your door!

It makes sense for restaurants because we always serve the freshest and the best. It’s a good company, I get to work with good ingredients, and I get to be a captain … Triple whammy!

Photo Courtesy of Mark Murrell

You consider yourself a “captain” now?

I am a captain now! Technically unless you have your own boat, you’re not a captain. If you have one boat, you’re a little bit of a captain. But since I have six of them, I’m a full on captain, even if I don’t really drive them.

Do you catch anything other than lobster?

Mainly lobster, but we catch other fish during the day as well. It’s all line caught, so aside from the lobsters, whatever we are allowed to sell, we also sell fresh.

Lobster Tail Photo Courtesy of John Paolone

What advice do you have for someone who is nervous about cooking lobster?

The best way to do it is just to put it right in the hot, boiling water. Cook it for 10-15 minutes per pound. It’s not that hard—it’s actually easy! Just fill up a pot, and turn the gas on!

For me, I love to cut the lobster in half and just drizzle them with herbs, butter, breadcrumbs and roast them. I like to keep things simple.

Lobster Sandwich Photo Courtesy of John Paolone

Do you serve the lobsters you catch on your menus?

Yes, every company we have uses these lobsters! However, we’re not going to have 50 lobster dishes on the menu. We still want to give that variety. For us, it’s just a matter of having a good business that provides for our restaurants.

Why should customers jump on board and place their orders now?

It’s all very easy to manage! It’s a good deal, especially for a holiday or special occasions! It’s fun if you can surprise people with a lobster dinner for two. This is a corner of luxury that can be shipped to your house for an affordable price.

By Kaleigh Glaza | Online Editor