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Purely Delicious

Eating right doesn't have to be tough


Photo courtesy of Eat Purely

At the start of a new year, most people resolve to live a healthier lifestyle. That might entail exercising regularly or simply eating better. Oftentimes, those resolutions fall off after a month; with a busy, urban lifestyle, it’s easy to slip back into old bad habits. With the explosion of restaurant openings and the ability to order food via apps from over 500 restaurant locations, it’s a wonder any of us has a chance to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

But don’t lose hope just yet. Eat Purely is a food delivery service that might actually get you to change your habits for good—and do it at an acceptable price point. CEO and Co-Founder Jeremiah Green says, “I want to change how people eat without changing their behavior.” Eat Purely allows you to get nutritionally balanced, restaurant-quality food delivered to your home or office at the exact time you want. If you don’t order ahead of time, it typically takes about 20 minutes for it to arrive.

Once you start using their service, Eat Purely may seem more like a tech company than a lunch and dinner delivery restaurant; they make the ordering process unbelievably easy and efficient. Just go online or onto their mobile app and find a daily menu of four or five healthy, organic meal options for lunch and dinner. You can see the nutrition information, where the ingredients were sourced, and even preselect only vegetarian or gluten-free options. Options may include dishes like the Quinoa Superfood Bowl, Shrimp and Grits, or Tabbouleh and Eggplant, all made with fresh, organic, and seasonal ingredients. Once you decide what you’ll be eating, simply pick a delivery time that’s convenient.

The menu rotates daily and has 30-35 unique items for lunch and dinner, with some overlap. You can order seven days in advance to plan your week’s meals all at the same time. The chilled food is delivered throughout the city of Chicago and Evanston, ready to eat or easily reheated in a microwave or oven. Portion sizes are big enough to feed a hungry eater (about 16-ounces typically) and range in price from $9-15. Eat Purely charges no delivery fee and there is no required tip, but they hope that you tip the driver 20-percent. Dinner is offered Sunday through Friday from 4-9pm, and lunch is offered Monday through Friday from 11am-2pm.

Eat Purely just made it possible to keep that New Year’s resolution of eating better. Simple and delicious is right at your fingertips.


Photo courtesy of Eat Purely

Tips for enjoying Eat Purely:

  • Choose the most convenient time frame to get your meal delivered. Eat Purely offers a speedy, on-demand delivery option or an hourly delivery window to choose from.
  • Preheat the oven to be ready for scheduled food delivery.
  • You can track your driver on a map just like you would a car ride service.
  • Their referral program gives you and your newly subscribed friend a free meal.
  • Your meal is delivered with heating instructions and nutrition information on the label.

By Joe Campagna, Contributor