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Summer Delivered To Your Door with Eat Purely

Fresh, fun ingredients take summer cooking to the next level with Eat Purely

DiningOut Chicago readers will remember that we introduced Eat Purely in our last issue, as Chicago’s go-to for healthy, flavorful, and fast prepared meals delivered directly to your door—especially in the summer, when healthy eating is foremost on our minds. Eat Purely makes sticking to your healthy eating goals (or getting ready for swimsuit season) easy, because their meals are affordable and convenient, making the temptation to indulge in things that aren’t good for you disappear.

Eat Purely focuses on nutritionally balanced, restaurant-quality menus made from fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients. Order in advance to get meals delivered within a one hour window of your choice, or order on demand for fast delivery (often within half an hour). Their fast and easy ordering system makes meal planning a snap using either their website or mobile app. The daily menu includes at least five healthy organic meal options to choose from, and you’ll even be able to see what local farms and purveyors the ingredients come from. The app also includes full nutrition information and the ability to sort by vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free meals.

So what’s the best way to enjoy Eat Purely? Say you’re a college kid pulling all-nighters to study. You’re fueled by energy drinks and instant noodles, and getting a nourishing meal is nowhere on the horizon. You’re also strapped for cash. Thankfully, you can get a meal-in-a-glass for less than $10 if you start ordering from Eat Purely. Their line of fresh-pressed, all-natural, nutrient-dense, organic fruit and vegetable juices are way better for you than a Red Bull; we recommend trying the Cacao Tiger Milk. And toss those cheap ramen noodles in favor of Cold Buckwheat Noodles with sesame-peanut sauce. Loaded with veggies, the protein of your choice, and piquant sweet and savory spices, they’ll make your next study session bearable—heck, maybe even productive.

What if you’re beyond college days, but just as busy? Say you’re a busy office exec, married to your job. Nine-to-five hours simply don’t apply to you as you claw your way through daily to-dos. Power lunches are great, but let’s face it: They’re not all that nutritious and they’re darn expensive to boot. Enter Eat Purely. Their Power drink—a quick midday pick-me-up—contains cucumbers, apples, celery, lime, and Aronia berries, which translates to a healthy (and energy-filled) lunch. It turns out there are other benefits, too; Power’s myriad ingredients help cell renewal, benefiting your skin, hair, and eyes. And if your whole office is a chorus of rumbling tummies, Eat Purely’s nutritionally balanced meals can be easily delivered. Nosh on delicious dishes like the Ratatouille Gnocchi or the Harvest Steak with squash purée while you go over those soul-sucking reports.

Or are you a harried parent? Eat Purely is perfect for you, too. Between schlepping junior to ballet and soccer, piles of laundry, homework, and everything else, who has time to plan, shop for, and cook healthy, balanced, and quick meals that are ready by dinnertime? With Eat Purely, you can have the Farmer’s Chicken (served with white bean purée, roasted corn, Swiss chard, and charred shallots) ready in minutes. Or, have the kids sip their Balance drink as you heat up the Red Snapper. Craving summer greens to beat the heat? Eat Purely’s Spinach Superfood Salad joins a lineup of summer favorites packed with greens.

Clearly, Eat Purely is doing their part to deliver the best (and most affordable) flavor and nutrition to hungry folks, no matter the chaos of their lives. And with their culinary team capturing all the flavors of summer and delivering them right to your door—with the added bonus of the meals being healthy, organic, seasonal, and made with local ingredients—what’s not to love?

By Rebecca Treon