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Sweet Summertime at Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya brings the sweetness of summer to one and all

Summer is heating up! To help us fight the hot summer weather, Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya {1482 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago; 773.270.4150} is giving away FREE Japanese Matcha Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream with any purchase whenever the temperature is 80 degrees or higher. It’s only available through August 1st though, so let’s hope for some really hot days ahead!

That’s not the only summer menu item to try this season. Kizuki has also unveiled a several new food and drink menu items, including Shochu Sake-Infused Gummy Bears and Sangria Popsicles! Alcohol-free popsicles are also available, with rotating flavors like Mega Kuwaii, Pomegranate, Apple Pineapple, and Cucumber. Kevin Yu, Owner of Kizuki Ramen, gave us a more in-depth look at their desserts and special summer menu …

DiningOut: Describe the flavor profile of matcha for those who haven’t tried it.

Kevin Yu: We use Harmony green tea, a special matcha imported from Japan. It is elegant and fragrant, and the taste is reminiscent of actually being in Japan.

How does a boozy dessert change the sweetness profile we usually expect in dessert?

For the sangria popsicles specifically, the sake compliments the sweetness of the fruit and adds another dimension to the dessert. The fragrance of the booze along with the fruity notes bring out the best of summer.

Why offer the matcha ice cream for free?

Matcha is one of the most iconic culinary elements in Japan and has great health benefits. The fragrance of the matcha also balances out the sweetness of the soft serve ice cream making it a must have every summer. Plus, we really want people to get adventurous and try something new!

What other menu items do you recommend for the summer season?

I would start by treating yourself to something sweet like our alcoholic Shochu Gummy Bears and pair them with an order of the Chicken Karaage from our Izakaya menu.

For an entrée, I would recommend the Hiyashu Chuka, aka Sesame Chill Noodle, which is a must have in Kizuki every summer. The perfectly cooked al dente noodle is served chilled with a variety of toppings mixed with our house sesame dressing. Our Kawaii Crush cocktail made with freshly muddled strawberry, lime, and shochu complements the chilled noodle perfectly for a refreshing summer meal.

For dessert, I would end with our summer special, rotating flavors of sangria popsicles, which are made with fresh fruits and juices. Guests can enjoy them non-alcoholic or made with sake or wine.

What are your favorite parts about Chicago summer?

I love the vibrancy of the city in the summer. Every neighborhood has its own story, culture, and vibe that they are proud of. The diversity in Chicago is simply amazing! This truly inspires us to bring our best Japanese cuisine to Chicago and celebrate this wonderful summer with all of our guests.

By Kaleigh Glaza, Online Editor