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Their Recipes, Your Kitchen

Ravioli Di “Piccolo  Sogno” From Chef/Owner Tony Priolo of Piccolo Sogno
serves four


1 c fresh ricotta cheese
ƒ1/8 c freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
1/8 c Laura Chenel goat cheese
ƒ1/8 c chopped Gorgonzola Dolce Latte cheese
1 tsp chopped Italian parsley
Sicilian sea salt to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Pasta dough:
4 whole eggs
4 egg yolks
ƒ1 Tbsp olive oil
ƒ1 tsp Sicilian sea salt
ƒ2-3/4 c semolina flour ƒ
1-1/4 c all-purpose flour ƒ
2 Tbsp water
1 egg yolk, beaten

1/2 c fresh chicken broth
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
ƒ1 Tbsp toasted pine nuts ƒ
Sicilian sea salt to taste
black pepper to taste

To plate:
Marsala Glaze (1 c Marsala wine cooked down by 3/4 until thick)
shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano (lightly shaved off curls of cheese from a solid piece)


For the filling: Mix all ingredients together and adjust the seasoning to taste.

For the pasta dough: Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Add all ingredients to a food processor using the dough blade. Pulse until a ball forms. Remove and knead by hand until dough is slightly firm. Allow to rest for 1-2 hours. After the dough has rested, roll out the pasta dough progressively with a pasta machine until the dough is thin enough that you can see your hand through it. Brush the dough with egg yolk and begin to drop quarter-sized amounts of filling with a spoon, 2 inches apart covering half of the dough. Cover with the remaining dough. Use a circle cutter to form circles around the fillings. Press the air out and gently seal the dough together. Cook in boiling salted water for about 2 minutes and then toss into the sauce.

For the sauce: In a sauce pan over medium heat, reduce the chicken broth by half. Add the butter and bring to a boil then take the sauce off the heat. Stir quickly so the sauce does not break. Add the toasted pine nuts. Adjust the seasoning to taste.

To plate: Arrange six ravioli on each plate, overlapping only on one side. Drizzle the sauce over the ravioli. Garnish with warm Marsala glaze and shavings of Parmesan cheese.

Braised Rabbit From Chef de Cuisine Joe Flamm of Spiaggia and Cafe Spiaggia
serves eight to 10 people 

Orechiette copy


ƒolive oil
ƒ2 lbs rabbit legs
ƒsalt and pepper to taste
ƒ1 head garlic
ƒ1 bay leaf
ƒ2 sprigs thyme
ƒ1 tsp black peppercorns
ƒ2 qts chicken stock
ƒ1 oz Dijon mustard

Carrot top pesto:
ƒ1 c carrot tops, loosely packed
ƒ2 c parsley sprigs, loosely packed
ƒ1 c pecorino
ƒ2 c olive oil
ƒsalt, to taste

To plate:
1 lb good quality orecchiette pasta
ƒ1 c salt
ƒ2 c reserved braising liquid
ƒ2 Tbsp butter
ƒ1 Tbsp carrot tops for garnish
ƒ1/2 c toasted chopped walnuts
2 oz lemon juice
ƒ1 c baby carrots, shaved lengthwise
ƒ  •salt to taste


For the rabbit: Heat olive oil in a medium-sized heavy bottom pot or Dutch oven over medium heat. Season rabbit legs with salt and pepper. Sear until golden brown, about 4 minutes. Flip and sear other side. After 2 more minutes, add garlic, herbs, and peppercorns, chicken stock, and Dijon and simmer on medium heat for 1-1/2 hours or until rabbit is fork tender. Remove from heat and cool in liquid. Once cool, remove the meat and reserve the liquid.

For the carrot top pesto: Combine greens and pecorino in blender or food processor and drizzle in olive oil. Blend until you reach a chunky paste consistency. Season with salt.

To plate: Heat a large pot with about 8 cups of water. Bring to a boil and add a cup of salt and the pasta. While pasta is cooking, heat a large braising pan with reserved braising liquid. Once warm, stir in the butter. Add rabbit meat. When pasta is al dente (after approximately 8 minutes), drain and add to pan and cook until coated with sauce. In a separate bowl, toss carrot tops, walnuts, lemon juice, and shaved carrots. Season with salt. Plate pasta and rabbit in a bowl and garnish with carrot and walnut salad.

Tuna Tartare From Chef Nicolas Cabrera of STK Chicago
serves two to three



2-1/2 oz tuna
olive oil
salt and pepper
piping bag

Avocado mix:
3 c avocado diced small
1 Tbsp green jalapeño, finely diced
1/4 c lemon juice
1/4 c extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
piping bag

Soy mustard sauce:
1 c honey
1 c Dijon mustard
1/2 c yuzu (or lime) juice
3 c light soy
chile oil
4 taro chips (3-4” in diameter and paper thin)


For the tuna: Slice the raw tuna into 1/2-inch pieces. Season with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Place tuna into a piping bag and set aside.

For the avocado mix: Add all ingredients to a medium-sized bowl. Mix thoroughly but don’t mash. Add mix to a piping bag and set aside.

For the soy mustard sauce: Whisk all ingredients together in a large bowl and set aside.

To serve: Pipe 1-1/2 ounce of avocado mix into a 2 1/2-inch metal mold. Gently press the tuna on top and then slowly remove the mold. Drizzle soy mustard sauce around the tartare. Drop 4-5 drops of chile oil around and on top of the sauce. Place 4 taro chips on top of the tartare for garnish.

Grilled Venison from Bottlefork
serves four 


24 oz venison (in 6 oz portions)
salt and pepper to taste

Pommes purées:
small white skinned potatoes ƒ
1/2 c butter
1/2 c heavy cream
ƒ4 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste

Swiss chard:
ƒ2 bunches rainbow Swiss chard, cleaned
1 shallot, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 oz red wine vinegar
1/4 c chicken stock
salt and pepper to taste

Royal trumpet mushroom:
canola oil
4 royal trumpet mushrooms, cut lengthwise, then cut in 1/4-inch slices (half circles)
1 tsp red wine vinegar

Huckleberry veal sauce:
canola oil
1/4 tsp shallot, minced
1/4 tsp garlic, minced
1 tsp red wine vinegar
1 c demi-glace (available for purchase online at high-end grocery stores)
1/4 c huckleberries
salt and pepper to taste

To plate:
2 Tbsp chicken stock
sea salt to taste


For the venison: Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Heat sauté pan with canola oil. Season venison. Sear all sides of portioned venison with tongs, about 1-2 minutes on each side. Move to a sheet tray when finished, and roast in the oven until temperature reads 125 degrees, about 5-8 minutes. Rest venison for 5 minutes, then slice.

For the pommes purées: Fill a large pot with potatoes and cover with water. Bring to a boil. In a separate pot, heat the butter and cream. Mash the boiled potatoes (or use a potato ricer) and fold in the heavy cream, butter, and raw garlic with a spatula. Season to taste. Keep warm on low heat.

For the Swiss chard: Heat a sauté pan with canola oil. Add Swiss chard and toss with tongs as it begins to wilt. Add shallot and garlic. Toss. Add red wine vinegar and chicken stock. Reduce and continue to stir with tongs. Season to taste. Remove from heat and cool on a sheet tray.

For the mushrooms: Heat a sauté pan with canola oil. Add cut mushrooms and sear. Add red wine vinegar, toss, and then cool on a sheet tray.

For the huckleberry veal sauce: Heat pot with canola oil, add shallot and garlic, and cook until just translucent. Stir in the red wine vinegar. Add demi-glace and huckleberries. Season to taste.

To plate: Heat a sauté pan with 2 tablespoons chicken stock. Add Swiss chard and mushrooms. Add butter and reduce (adding water as necessary, to keep butter from breaking). Season to taste. With pommes purées, make three large dots in the shape of a triangle. With a spoon, swoosh the dots towards each other, clockwise. Spoon the Swiss chard and mushrooms on the dots of pommes purées. Place the sliced venison on the plate, diagonally from left to right. Spoon huckleberry veal sauce around the plate, in a circular motion. Finish with sea salt.