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Torchy’s Tacos Debuts on Broadway

From Austin with love: tacos

Let’s face it, Denver loves it’s tacos. So when Torchy’s Tacos opened last night—with the promise of free tacos, chips, and drinks—well then this happened:

Torchy's Tacos

Snow won’t keep us from good tacos (Photo Courtesy of Torchy’s)

Torchy’s Tacos  {1085 Broadway, Denver; 303.436.1704} opened up last night, and despite the flurries—and the line that wrapped around the building—Denverities braved the cold just to get a taste of the newly opened taco joint.

Upon entering, Torchy’s employees were quick to dole out chips to customers—to those inside and to outdoor crusaders—served with a generous helping of fresh guacamole and spicy queso fresco.


Photo by Morgan Carter

But let’s face it, we are here for the tacos.


The Brushfire Taco (Photo by Morgan Carter)

The menu offers up a variety of options from the crispy fried chicken found in the Trailer Park Taco to the spicy Brushfire featuring Jamaican Jerk Chicken served with diablo hot sauce. A bonus option? Order it “Trashy,” and substitute the lettuce for more delicious queso.


Missionary Style Green Chile Pork (Photo by Morgan Carter)

Our personal favorite? One that isn’t found on the menu. Torchy’s offers a handful of secret menu items only known to a few customers, like the Missionary Style Green Chile Pork served with roasted pork carnitas, pickled onions, guacamole, shredded Jack cheese, and cilantro, drizzled with creamy chipotle and served inside a crisp corn tortilla inside of a flour tortilla.

Pair your tacos with a selection of frozen and blended margaritas off the menu, and your meal is set.

Processed with VSCO

Blended margarita with lime, mango, and strawberry (Photo by Morgan Carter)

So how would we describe the entire experience?


Photo by Ashley Carter


By Morgan Carter | Contributor