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4 Spring Cookbooks We’re Loving Right Now

For warm days and returns of winter alike

Spring in Colorado is a wonderful if schizophrenic time to cook. On warm days, we yearn for newly available seasonal produce like rhubarb and asparagus. Then it snows, and we retreat back into the refuge of hearty chilis and baking projects.

Here are four cookbooks we’re using this spring, with everything from light salads for sunny days to cheesy pastas for wintry encores.

Breakfast for Dinner

“Breakfast for Dinner”

Gist: For those who wake up really, really late, or just can’t get enough of breakfast, this book offers savory and sweet A.M. recipes to make in the P.M.
Favorite recipes: Chayote and Grapefruit Salad, Chorizo Breakfast Nacho Skillet, Welsh Rarebit Waffles
Best outtake: “There’s no turning back once you’ve tried homemade maple-cured bacon … When it’s ready, just try to stop yourself frying up the whole lot and working your way through it with sticky fingers and guilty pleasure.”

Cooking with Cheese

“Cooking with Cheese”

Gist: There are few culinary territories where cheese cannot safely and deliciously venture. This cookbook includes cheesy recipes from salads, to pies, to pasta and bread, to dessert.
Favorite recipes: Breadcrumbed Halloumi Goujons, Tricolore French Toast, Fig and Ricotta Pancakes
Best outtake: “Who can resist the primal call of oozing, golden, bubbly melted cheese?”

Hangover Recipes

“101 Hangover Recipes”

Gist: Antidotes to hangovers ranging from healthy cleanses, to greasebombs, to elaborate dishes that will at the very least distract you from your pounding headache.
Favorite recipes: The Hot Brown, Prairie Oyster, Thai Beef Noodle Soup
Best outtake: “… let’s forget about all that healthy hangover cure pseudo-science. Instead, make yourself feel all better with a comforting, calorie-laden, filthy chocolate malt shake decorated with Maltesers!”

Modern Dim Sum  cheese,

“Modern Dim Sum”

Gist: Singaporean and London-based chef Loretta Liu schools you on how to make just about every kind of Asian dumpling you can imagine—including five types of doughs.
Favorite recipes: Barbecue Pork Bao, Pumpkin Leek Dumplings, Hong Kong Egg Tart
Best outtake: “These tasty morsels commemorate my love of Campbell’s canned chicken soup as a child. The mild flavours [sic] mean that these dumplings would be a great way of introducing young children to dim sum.”

Happy spring cooking!

By Maya Silver | Editor