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5 Boozy Selections to Bring to Your Upcoming Holiday Party

Holiday parties are upon us. Unsure what to bring to your next bash? For boozy recommendations, we spoke with Axel Geittmann, owner of Mission Control Liquors Station {3244 Navajo Street, Denver, 303.862.8615} in LoHi. From cookie pairings to meaty entrées here are a few liquor selections to bring to the table this holiday.


Good River Beer

Good River Beer
Pairing Options: Pair this IPA with a few nibbles of hard cheese from the charcuterie plate.
For a mouthwatering IPA local brewery, Good River Beer delivers. It starts out with strong citrus with piny bitterness punching through to a very dry finish for such a strong (8.5% abv) beer. Plus they give back 2-percent to clean rivers foundation, so it’s totally guilt-free beer… right?



Pairing Option:
Open this bottle for dinner and pair with meaty mains like ham and prime ribs. This varietal even pairs well with fish.
The world’s only Crovino varietal—a varietal made with grapes indigenous to northwestern Italy—this wine is carefully preserved by the Ruffinos and imported by the legendary Kermit Lynch. This is the wine you want to serve with your main entrée this year, whether it’s a salt-crusted whole fish, braised rabbit or the more traditional hams and prime ribs. Peppery spice with tart berries and a medium finish, this is a shop favorite and great for table talk.


Pairing option: Save this wine for dessert as it pairs well with chocolates and Christmas sweets
The Squadra is a well-rounded Rosso from Sicily. Dry with red berry expressions and leaves palate with traces of cinnamon. Our manager describes it as a drinkable blueberry pie without the sugar bomb. It pairs amazingly well with dark chocolate, or gingerbread cookies left out for Santa. The price point is really accessible ranging $15-20.


Distillery 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey

Distillery 291-Colorado Rye Whiskey 
Pairing option: Pair with main meals including seared steak and mac and cheese. For a sweet end to the evening, this whiskey pairs well with dark chocolate, apple pie, and roasted pears.
A newer addition to the shop, Distillery’s 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey knocked us out of our seats. This mountain twist on a traditional rye whiskey is finished with charred Aspen Staves. Immediate impressions start with the spicy cherry fruit and it finishes with notes of cinnamon. Collectors and imbibers have something to be excited about in this really cool local rye from Colorado Springs. Drink it neat with a small rock, or make the most indulgent manhattan ever in the history of manhattans. Either way, just drink it.