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6 Hot Winter Cocktails You Can Make at Home Tonight

Hot cocktails that will knock your slipper socks off

Glass mug of hot spiced cider

by Monica Parpal | Senior Editor

The weather in Colorado is notoriously unpredictable, and it’s tough to know whether you should be unpacking your Ray-Bans to enjoy a craft beer on a patio, or wrapping yourself in wool for a hot toddy by the fireplace.

It’s likely that we’ll have at least a few more days of chill this winter, so we thought it apt to offer a round of cocktails to keep you cozy in the cold. These hot cocktail recipes feature ingredients ranging from savory to sweet, from gin to whiskey to rum, and all can be made in the warmth and comfort of your own kitchen. Consider picking up the ingredients on your way home tonight so you can look forward to a warm nightcap after a long, chilly day.

Find our six of our favorite winter warmers below. And remember, these beverages are best served hot.

Pirate’s Apples from Michael Cerretani of Blackbelly. This cocktail combines the comforting flavors of apple with the exotic notes of Havana Club rum for a drink we’d swab the decks for anytime.

Spicy Hazelnut Coco from Matt Albert of Session Kitchen. A sweet and spicy blend of chocolate, hazelnuts, and jalapeños makes this winter warmer hot in more ways than one.

Rekorderlig Hot Swede Cocktail. Warm your bones with this Swedish-inspired hot winter warmer, an effervescent apple, warm vanilla, and cinnamon spice delight.

Irish Coffee from Ryan Corey of Humboldt. Any coffee gets a kick with a shot of whiskey, and this one is especially fancy served in a wine glass with hand-shaken, creamy froth.

Salted Caramel Coffee from Thirsty Lion. When it comes to coffee, adding caramel and cream (oh, and three types of liqueur) can turn a cup of Joe into a mug of magic.

The Hotel Cairo from Kyla Ostler of The Kitchen Denver. Hop a figurative trip to Cairo with this exotic gin and tea cocktail featuring rosehips and an aromatic herbal aperitif.