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Summer Cleansing

By Elizabeth Woessner | Online Editor To juice or not to juice? That is no longer a question. The juicing trend has grown so rapidly that it has developed an almost cult-like following. Ask any juicing devotee and they will extol its benefits, from clearer skin and improved mental acuity to an enhanced libido. It seems there is nothing a ... Read More »

Then and Now: A Culinary Conclave

By Jeffrey Steen | Managing Editor … Bullipedia and the elBulli Foundation will grow, and contributions will ensure that the world of haute cuisine will not remain locked in ivory towers and many-starred kitchens. It will be of all, and for all. When the doors closed on legendary elBulli restaurant in Spain in 2011, the world held its breath. Small ... Read More »

In Vino es Veritas

By Maya Silver | Editor  Before wine country tours fell into vogue, Kermit Lynch—a wine merchant, musician, and writer among other things—wandered the French hillsides in search of the perfect bottle. Twenty-five years after the publication of “Adventures on the Wine Route,” his classic memoir will be reprinted with additional material. Regrettably, we weren’t able to taste wines with Mr. ... Read More »

Remembering Charlie Trotter (1959 – 2013)

By Maya Silver | Editor Many aspiring chefs pay their dues (literally) by attending culinary school to lay down a proper educational foundation. What did Charlie Trotter do to prepare for a culinary career? The self-taught chef took a year off from college to read as many books as possible, many of which were cookbooks. This led to the launch ... Read More »

Christopher Kimball Illustrated

By Maya Silver | Editor There has long raged a debate as to whether cooking is, at its heart, a science or an art. For Christopher Kimball, founding father of the Cook’s Illustrated kingdom, the answer is clear as clarified butter. Kimball has devoted himself to using scientific analysis to perfect recipes, techniques, and even product selection. Kimball’s vision is ... Read More »

The Farmers’ Market Dispatch

South Pearl Farmers' Market

By Elizabeth Woessner | Online Editor There’s no denying it, farmers markets are just plain fun. Yes we can all feel a little more virtuous in the knowledge that we are supporting local farmers and all that, but the truth is there’s something awesome about wandering through a market and taking in the smells of fresh-cut flowers, herbs, and vegetables. ... Read More »

Go for Lunch at Gozo

Gozo Meatballs

by Elizabeth Woessner | In March of this year, Frank Jolly opened Gozo in the combined spaces that once were home to Deluxe and Delight on South Broadway. The two spaces have been opened up into a bright airy room with exposed brick, high ceilings, and garage doors looking out onto South Broadway. It seemed like the perfect spot for ... Read More »

105 Things We Love About Denver and Boulder: 26-50

26: House-infused Vodka According to the Russian tradition, one should always eat while drinking vodka. You don’t need to tell us twice. Red Square Euro Bistro offers a high-quality selection of both infused vodka and modern European cuisine, giving guests the best of both worlds. Order it by the shot at the bar, or by the iced carafe to enjoy ... Read More »

Keep Calm and Chai On

By Maya Silver | Editor The signature chai spice medley of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, fennel, and black pepper has us hooked—particularly when accompanied by caffeine and frothy milk. But how about paired with alcohol and hops? It seems to have started in 2009 with the Sah’tea. This modern version of a ninth century Finnish ale is part of the Dogfish ... Read More »

Cheese, Please!

Fruition Restaurant

  by Elizabeth Woessner | Online Editor To say that I am completely cheese-obsessed would be a gross understatement. I have studied cheese with Maître Fromager Max McCalman, wheeled a cheese cart at Picholine Restaurant in New York City, made cheese in both France and Italy, taught cheese and wine pairings and have the nickname Ebethcheese. For me, cheese is ... Read More »