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Avanti Restaurant Preview: MiJo

One of the seven eateries at the new Avanti Food & Beverage

DePierro and Nevarez

DePierro and Nevarez

Avanti Food & Beverage {3200 Pecos Street, Denver; 303.422.1121} is now open, bringing its ingenious concept of a spacious and scenic hub for great eats, drinks, and Dogfish  Head beer to the Lower Highlands. Within, seven food concepts inhabit shipping containers tucked inside the industrial, warehouse-style space. Avanti hopes to serve as an incubator for these eateries by giving new or emerging restaurateurs the opportunity to test their concepts without the high costs of brick-and-mortar space.

Here’s a peek at one of the Avanti restaurant concepts: MiJoserving up covetable bowls of noodles and rice with a Japanese bent from the esteemed chefs who bring you Bones.


Why MiJo is excited to join Avanti: “It’s an exciting idea, space, and community to be a part of,” says Co-Chef John DePierro, “and it’s a new challenge for us. It’s hopefully the start of something that will expand our careers.”

Beyond Avanti: “I think the incubator process is the best way to test concepts,” DePierro says. “With MiJo, my Co-Chef Michael [Nevarez] and I saw an opportunity to test our fast casual concept with a fraction of the normal costs of opening a restaurant. We definitely want to bring MiJo to different Colorado cites, and then hopefully go national.”


The eats: Outside-the-box, affordable, Japanese-influenced cuisine with a focus on noodle/rice bowls, but many other delectable dishes, too. Here’s a sampling: With mijo mike and I wanted to offer out of the box takes on Japanese influenced cuisine. Our menu items will include our Asian style hot chicken, a take on Japanese tater tots, sweet curry,  a spicy stir fried udon noodle, and our style of raw and cured fish.

  • Asian-Style hot fried chicken–MiJo’s signature dish
  • A take on Japanese tater tots
  • Sweet curry
  • MiJo Udon: spicy thick stir-fried udon noodles in broth for slurping
  • MiJo Rice: saucy, steamed rice
  • MiJo’s style of raw and cured fish
  • MiJo Sushi

Dogfish Head pairing: How about a 90 Minute IPA to cut the richness of that Asian fried chicken?

Where else to find MiJo: Alas! MiJo debuts its concept in Avanti so you cannot slurp up any of its delicious udon elsewhere. However, you can enjoy some taste udon or soba over at Bones where MiJo’s chefs cut their chops.