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Cocktail the Vote: Denver Barkeeps Vie for Garnish Games Crown

BY STEVE LYSAKER PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRENT ANDECK The football season is over, basketball and hockey are laboring through their winter doldrums, pitchers and catchers have yet to report for spring training, and the Summer Olympics are nearly a half-year away. But if you’re aching for some serious competition in the interim between big sporting events, the 2020 Denver Garnish Games ... Read More »

Flavors of the Week: Jan. 31 and Beyond | DiningOut Denver

A weekly mélange of news bites and events from the Denver-Boulder dining scene. Fine Print: DiningOut Magazine Winter/Spring 2020 Now Available The winter/spring 2020 issue of DiningOut Magazine is hot off the press and freshly available in all its glossy glory at fine restaurants and bookstores across the greater Denver-Boulder area. Experience Avery Brewing Company’s chase for perfection (and a ... Read More »

29 Things We Love About Dining Out in Denver & Boulder

From hot soups to spicy margaritas to warm desserts, here are 29 things we love about dining out in Denver and Boulder (winter/spring 2020 edition). In no particular order… 1. SOUPED UP TOM KHA AT TASTY THAI Winter is soup season, and Tasty Thai’s Tom Kha Soup is here to warm both your body and your soul. A traditional Thai ... Read More »

Cocktail Creators: Chris Dunsmoor of Denver’s Jovanina’s Broken Italian

Chris Dunsmoor, bar manager at Jovanina’s Broken Italian {1520 Blake Street, Denver; 720.541.7721}, talks cocktail creation and shares his recipe for Matteo’s Vendetta, a custom cocktail crafted around Luxardo Bitter Bianco. DiningOut: What do you enjoy most about bartending? Dunsmoor: What I love about bartending is that it’s an outlet for my creativity. I take the time to learn about ... Read More »

Cocktail Creators: Scott Ruggiero of Boulder’s Oak at Fourteenth

Scott Ruggiero, bar manager at Oak at Fourteenth {1400 Pearl Street, Boulder; 303.444.3622}, discusses cocktail creation and shares his recipe for the Midnight Marauder. DiningOut: What do you enjoy most about bartending? Ruggiero: I enjoy taking care of the guests and meeting new people. Each day is different, each interaction is different, and I enjoy creating a unique experience with ... Read More »

Chasing Perfection at Avery Brewing Company

STORY BY ERICA BUEHLER PHOTOGRAPHY BY RACHEL ADAMS Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. That’s how the saying goes, right? It does for the staff and management at Avery Brewing Company, at least; though formally they stick with their own coined mantra: Beer First. But great beer isn’t the only reason the company maintains such popularity in the ... Read More »

Cocktail Creators: Nicole Lebedevitch of Denver’s Ash’Kara

Nicole Lebedevitch, bar manager at Denver’s Ash’Kara {2005 West 33rd Avenue, Denver; 303.537.4407}, discusses how to craft a memorable cocktail and shares her recipe for the Fallen Cherry Fizz. DiningOut: What do you enjoy most about bartending? Lebedevitch: The constant ability to give someone the unexpected and get to be in that exact moment with them. You get to create ... Read More »

Cocktail Creators: David Leyva of Denver’s Tacos Tequila Whiskey

David Leyva, bar manager at Tacos Tequila Whiskey {3300 West 32nd Avenue, Denver}, talks cocktail creation and shares his drink recipe for La Fresca Caliente. DiningOut: What do you enjoy most about bartending? Leyva: I love putting on a show for people when I’m behind the bar; whether it be quick, witty banter, fun storytelling, or simple bartending flair. I ... Read More »

20 for 2020: New Year Brings New Front Range Restaurants

BY ERICA BUEHLER AND STEVE LYSAKER New faces will join old acquaintances on the Front Range restaurant/bar scene in 2020, as fresh concepts prepare to launch and local favorites expand. Following—in alphabetical order—are 20 of the Denver-Boulder area’s most eagerly anticipated food-and-drink openings in 2020. 1. Ash’Kara {1043 Pearl Street, Boulder} Barely a year after making a splash in Denver’s ... Read More »

Cocktail Creators: Kendra Anderson of Denver’s Bar Helix

Kendra Anderson, owner of Bar Helix {3440 Larimer St., Denver; 720.449.8587}, discusses what goes into creating a memorable cocktail and shares her drink recipe for the Jamaican Negroni. DiningOut: What do you enjoy most about bartending? Anderson: As a first-time bar owner, I thought that it was really important that I learn how to bartend so that I could not ... Read More »