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Competing Cochon555 Heritage BBQ Chefs Dish on Pigs and Their Paths to Victory

Five chefs, five pigs: Who will win the Cochon555 Denver "Prince of Barbecue" title?

Cochon 555

There’s no food soiree in the country more devoted to the almighty pig than Cochon555, a butchery-intensive culinary showdown that involves five local chefs tasked with creating no fewer than 30 dishes utilizing snout-to-tail cuts of heritage breed pigs. This year’s Denver smackdown, which is dedicated to barbecue, features Will Nolan of Eight K, the signature restaurant inside Viceroy Snowmass; ... Read More »

Frasca, Alex Seidel, Eric Skokan, and Steve Redzikowski Named James Beard Semifinalists

Will Denver or Boulder get the Best Chef Southwest title?

Earlier today, the James Beard Foundation announced its 2017 roster of restaurant and chef semifinalists, four of which are Colorado contenders. Frasca Food and Wine, a perennial favorite of the Foundation and a seven-time nominee and two-time winner in the Best Chef: Southwest and Best Wine Program categories, is vying for this year’s Outstanding Restaurant title, a category that trumpets ... Read More »

DO Chef Panel: Who Do You Love to Cook For?

Cooking is love made visible


The month of love is upon us. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we turned to our chefs and asked them the simple question, “Who do you love to cook for?” Let the brownie points commence! “Easy—for my kids. I have twins, two years old, and cooking for them is wonderful. Children have no preconceived notions about flavors or food, so ... Read More »

The 2016 James Beard Foundation Dinner

Denver's top chefs create an unforgettable meal to benefit the James Beard Foundation and honor a fallen comrade

This month, there’s been a lot of talk around the DiningOut offices about what the most memorable meals of 2016 were. Hands down, one of the most exciting menus and events was the James Beard Foundation‘s annual dinner, held at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash. The event brought together a handful of Denver’s top chefs, each preparing a passed appetizer and ... Read More »

Chef Panel: How Do Chefs Really Feel About Instagram?

To gram or not to gram? The DO Chef Panel talks social media.

Chef Panel

We’ve all seen it: That one guy at the restaurant who snaps photos of his meal the moment it arrives, instead of grabbing a fork and digging in. We’ll admit … we’re usually that guy (no shame @dodenverboulder), but we aren’t the only ones. There are thousands of food photographers/bloggers/foodies that live for Instagram—from the famed foodie with hundreds of thousands ... Read More »

Who Do Chefs Prefer: Professional or Amateur Critics?

The DO Chef Panel picks its poison

Chef Locchi

Nobody likes to pour their blood, sweat, and tears into a restaurant only to be ripped apart by the local dining critic or a band of cruel Yelpers. On the flip side, does acclaim and praise mean more when it comes from a professional or a social media fiend? We asked the DiningOut Chef Panel to weigh in on which they ... Read More »

10 Chefs Reveal The Yelp Reviews They’ll Never Forget

Many bad, some good, and a few hilarious reviews

Boulder's best chef

In a sea of Yelp reviews, there are a few that a chef won’t forget, be they outrageous lies, heartwarming compliments, or just plain … strange. We asked our DiningOut Chef Panel to share some of their most memorable Yelp reviews. Here are the reviews that have stuck with them, for better or worse: [Find out which type of critic chefs prefer: ... Read More »

Chefs Weigh in On Yelp Controversy

To respond or not to respond


For long, chefs have taken criticism more or less silently. But lately, some chefs—both real and fictional—have been lashing out at their attackers. Atlanta Chef Ron Eyester adopted the persona of “The Angry Chef” and began tweeting fiery opinions on guest complaints. In the movie “Chef,” Jon Favreau unleashed seriously pent-up wrath on a professional critic. A “South Park” episode last fall mocked ... Read More »

7 Female Chefs Behind the 2016 WomenCook!

Meet the powerful women cooking this year

Carrie Shores

For a dozen years, WomenCook!—hosted by Work Options for Women (WOW)—has been bringing together female chefs in Denver to help women lift themselves out of poverty through meaningful employment in the food service industry. There are so many things we love about this event—not only does it support a noble cause, but it also showcases the brilliant women behind some of Denver’s ... Read More »

Onefold’s Mark Nery Speaks Out on His Snarky Yelping

Nery reacts to the buzz on his Yelp page

Chef/Owner Mark Nery

Recently, Mark Nery, owner and chef of Denver’s Onefold restaurant, gained a flurry of media attention for posting snarky responses to bad Yelp reviews. At once cutting and hilarious (scroll to the bottom for outtakes), his retorts constitute rarities in an industry marked by tight-lipped chefs abiding the adage, “the customer is always right.” Nery, however, does not believe the customer is always ... Read More »