What to Drink at Café Brazil

A liquid homage to the style and spirit of the Caribbean

Café Brazil {4408 Lowell Boulevard, Denver; 303.480.1877} Owners Tony and Marla Zarlenga, along with nephew Maurizio, have been serving up vibrant, seasonal South American delicacies to hoards of hungry locals and tourists alike for almost 25 years. The colorful, welcoming restaurant is truly a family affair with family members and staff working together seamlessly as a singular team. Tucked away on ... Read More »

SALT’s DIY Cocktail Menu

The Cocktail Element menu lets you design your own drink


“Anything sangría,” the well-dressed man behind the bar at SALT the Bistro {1047 Pearl Street, Boulder; 303.444.7258} responded when we asked him for recommendations on a refreshing summer drink. But unlike most craft cocktail menus, choosing a drink from the Cocktail Element menu at SALT isn’t as simple as randomly choosing the menu item with the most intriguing name. It’s ... Read More »

Red, White, and Blue Whiskey from Feisty Spirits

A shot of patriotism from Feisty Spirits

Bottles of Feisty Spirits bourbon

It’s almost the Fourth of July—a holiday that celebrates our freedom and independence as citizens of this great nation. And what’s more American than bourbon? Celebrate the American spirit with some craft American spirits—in particular, a limited seasonal release from Feisty Spirits. This Red White & Blue Bourbon is made from 20-percent red corn, 20-percent white corn, and 20-percent blue corn, ... Read More »

WhistlePig Leads the Rye Revolution

The origins and future of straight rye whiskey

A bottle shot of WhistlePig Rye Whiskey

In mountainous regions of North America, groundhogs—also known as woodchucks or whistlepigs—can be spotted among rocky outcroppings, standing as tiny sentries over unseen burrows. These little guys probably don’t make you think much about craft American spirits, but as the legend has it, they inspired a namesake rye whiskey known as WhistlePig. While we don’t know for sure if an ... Read More »

Adventures in Distilling: Montanya Rum

with Karen Hoskin, Owner/President of Montanya Rum

Here in Colorado, you probably don’t run into too many rum connoisseurs—that is, unless you know Karen Hoskin, owner and founder of Montanya Rum in Crested Butte, Co. Hoskin has been “a serious rum fan” for more than 25 years—an amount of time that seems impossible given her youthful energy and passion. She geeks out over rum the way some ... Read More »

Denver’s Best Absinthe Cocktails (Plus Recipes)

To sip on March 5, National Absinthe Day!

By Elizabeth Woessner | Online Editor The “cool kids “of the late 19th Century–Oscar Wilde, Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway, and Pablo Picasso–were all devoted absinthe drinkers. The addictive and alleged hallucinogenic properties of this seductive green liquor spurred the creativity of these artistic geniuses, and was also blamed for everything from madness to murder, resulting in its worldwide ban. Now, as memories ... Read More »

Whiskey Above All

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into craft whiskey making at Laws

By Elizabeth Woessner | Online Editor While Colorado has long been considered “ground zero” for the craft beer movement, it also boasts a thriving craft spirits culture, which may be why Al Laws chose Denver to fulfill a lifelong dream and launch his whiskey distillery. An avid whiskey collector, Laws began his journey in Kentucky, the birthplace of American bourbon, ... Read More »