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Prime Cuts: Colorado Steakhouse Leaders on Their Favorite Steaks

When it comes to great steakhouses, the Denver-Boulder corridor is a cut above. Photo courtesy of STK.

The state of steak is strong along Colorado’s Front Range, and DiningOut recently grilled some of the Denver-Boulder area’s top steakhouse leaders about their signature dishes and favorite cuts.

The Boulder Cork {3295 30th Street, Boulder; 303.443.9505}

The Boulder Cork has been preparing great steaks since 1969. Photo courtesy of The Boulder Cork.

Head Chef Jim Smailer on The Boulder Cork’s signature steak dishes: “Our Teriyaki Steak is marinated with the same recipe that we’ve used for 50 years, so that’s probably the signature steak. And while it’s not a steak, hands down our slow-roasted prime rib is the reason a lot of people come here.”

Chef Smailer on his favorite type of steak: “My favorite on the planet is a rib-eye, preferably bone-in. I think it’s the most flavorful. … And I really care about whether it’s responsibly sourced. It’s a personal and ethical concern.” BOULDERCORK.COM

Elway’s Downtown at The Ritz-Carlton Denver {1881 Curtis Street, Denver; 303.312.3107}

Steaks are not limited to beef, and the Lamb Chop Fondue is a fan favorite at Elway’s. Photo courtesy of Elway’s Downtown at The Ritz-Carlton Denver.

Chef de Cuisine Marco Ugarte on Elway’s Downtown’s signature steak dishes: “Lamb Chop Fondue, Prime Tenderloin, and Bone-Off Short Rib.”

Chef Ugarte on his favorite type of steak: “Smoked meat is incredible—in particular prime rib and Wagyu. Smoking meat is a labor of love, but it’s worth every minute when you take that first bite.” ELWAYS.COM

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar {191 Inverness Drive West, Englewood; 303.768.0827}

The Tomahawk Rib-Eye is a favorite of Fleming’s Chef Partner Kurt Eichenberger. Photo courtesy of Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

Chef Partner Kurt Eichenberger on Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse’s signature steak dishes: “I would not say that Fleming’s has a signature steak per se. We feature a variety of cuts and sizes; our house-cut filets are awesome, we do a dry-aged rib-eye, [and] one of my favorites is the 35-ounce tomahawk rib-eye.”

Chef Eichenberger on his favorite type of steak: “Personally, my favorite steak is a rib-eye, specifically our 20-ounce, Bone-In Rib-Eye.” FLEMINGSSTEAKHOUSE.COM

Steakhouse No. 316 {1922 13th Street, Boulder; 720.729.1922}

Among Steakhouse No. 316’s signature steaks is the Tomahawk Rib-Eye. Photo by Jeremy Swanson, courtesy of Steakhouse No. 316.

Owner Samantha Cordts-Pearce on Steakhouse No. 316’s signature steak dishes: “When it comes to steak, I would say our 10-ounce Prime Bone-In Filet and our Tomahawk Rib-Eye.”

Owner Cordts-Pearce on her favorite type of steak: “My favorite is a bone-in filet. It’s tender, but the flavor is next to the bone. I like it with our Sherry Mushroom Ragout.” STEAKHOUSE316.COM

STK Denver {1550 Market Street, Denver; 720.597.8010}

STK Denver’s Cow Girl is a bone-in rib-eye with a lean cut. Photo courtesy of STK.

Executive Chef Christopher Welz on STK Denver’s signature steak dishes: “Our signature steak is the Cow Girl, a bone-in rib-eye that is prepared specifically for us in order to ensure it is a leaner cut, which makes it very popular among female diners. We also offer a decadent Double Tomahawk that is unique to STK. Perfectly dry-aged for 32 days, we serve the Double Tomahawk carved on large cutting boards, making it a very showy cut of meat and a one-of-a-kind dining experience.”

Chef Welz on his favorite type of steak: “My favorite and go-to weekday cut is a marinated inside skirt with rosemary and garlic, simply grilled medium-rare. However, for the special occasions I prefer to go for a spinalis steak, which is a derivate cut coming from the rib-eye. For me, it is the perfect balance of muscle and marbling, which brings a great crispiness and juiciness to a piece of meat.” STKSTEAKHOUSE.COM

Urban Farmer Denver {1659 Wazee Street, Denver; 303.262.6070}

Urban Farmer Denver is one of a growing number of steakhouses dedicated to responsibly sourced meat and a zero-waste mission. Photo courtesy of Urban Farmer.

General Manager Susan Wieser on Urban Farmer Denver’s signature steak dishes: “Urban Farmer as a brand features our New York [steak] tasting on all of our menus. … For Urban Farmer Denver specifically, I think our signature steak is our dry-aged Bison Rib-Eye. The bison is locally sourced and is a unique product to the Colorado market; in addition, it has a unique flavor and texture.”

Chef Erick Gamas on his favorite type of steak: “When choosing steaks for myself, I will choose a grain-finished rib-eye cooked medium-rare, preferably in a cast-iron skillet for that hard caramelization. Although if a restaurant has a hanger steak I will choose that instead as it is a cut typically not showcased in restaurants, but it is one of the best cuts to try.” URBANFARMERDENVER.COM

This article originally appeared in shorter form in the winter/spring 2020 issue of DiningOut Magazine Denver & Boulder.