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DIY: Making Mozzarella with Paul C. Reilly

Coperta's chef shows us just how easy it is


Coperta’s housemade mozzarella

We love the mozzarella at Coperta, and how could you not? They make it daily in-house, fresh from scratch. But just how hard is it to make your own at home? We wanted to try to make it ourselves, so we recently caught up with Chef/Owner Paul C. Reilly in the kitchen. The results? DIY mozz is way easier than you think—you just have to handle the heat.

5 ounces cheese curds (available at shops like Marczyk’s or online)
1/2 ounce sea salt
12 ounces boiling water
one bowl of ice water
olive oil to taste
bread to serve

Method: In a stainless non-reactive bowl, add cheese curds and coarse sea salt. Place another bowl filled with ice water within arm’s reach. Add boiling water to the curds and let it sit for a few seconds until the curds have a squishy feel, like chewed bubble gum. Start folding the cheese curds onto themselves, continually dipping it in the hot water. When your hands get hot, dip them in the ice water. Your cheese is done when it has an elastic quality. Twist the bottom of the cheese to make a ball shape. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a loaf of crusty bread.

Easy peasy! Or, we should say, cheesy.

By Rebecca Treon, Editor