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New Fire Pot at Uncle Joe’s A Hong Kong Bistro

Hot new menu item at Uncle Joe's

A chinese fire pot and toppings

Uncle Joe’s newest menu item, the Fire Pot (photo by Monica Parpal Stockbridge)

You know that loveable uncle in your family? The one who loves to eat, and who’s always got a good story to share? Well, that uncle takes the form of a restaurant at Uncle Joe’s A Hong Kong Bistro in Denver. Uncle Joe’s opened in May 2015 and recently relaunched with an updated dining room and menu. They’ve even added a hot new item to their dinner menu: the Fire Pot.

This dish is perfect for a couple or two friends who want a shared dining experience. It draws on an ancient Chinese tradition of cooking foods in flame-heated broth, traditionally called a hot pot. At Uncle Joe’s, it’s known as a “fire pot,” and hot broth served in an authentic decorated Chinese pot, fired from below. Diners “cook” their chosen proteins and veggies in their choice of broth, easily turning a regular dinner into an engaging, interactive dining experience.

people around a table with hot pots

(photo courtesy of Uncle Joe’s A Hong Kong Bistro)

Here’s how it works: First, choose your broth: Spicy Sichuan (with piquant chiles and aromatic spices for tongue-numbing delight) or Tomato (with subtle sweetness and bright acidity with warm Chinese spices). Then, choose your protein “set”—combinations like wagyu beef and Colorado lamb; seafood (tiger shrimp scallops, calamari, and fish dumplings); surf and turf (the best of both worlds); or vegetarian (crispy tofu, soy curd, and seitan).

Your fire pot arrives at the table with your main protein set, plus an assortment of side items like shredded Napa cabbage, mushrooms, lotus root, sweet potato, fried tofu, and egg noodles. Just pick up your chopsticks and start dipping!

assorted veggies

(photo courtesy of Uncle Joe’s A Hong Kong Bistro)

By Monica Parpal Stockbridge | Senior Editor