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Rollin’ with Sushi-Rama at River North Brewery

Another concept from legendary Chef and Restaurateur Jeff Osaka, Sushi-Rama offers “Fast, Fresh, Fun” sushi conveyor belt-style at multiple Denver locations, but the fun doesn’t stop there. On Feb. 29, Sushi Chefs Xander Davis and Shaun Motoda set up shop at River North Brewery for one of the eatery’s popular sushi-rolling classes, where guests got to sip on River North beer (yum) and learned how to properly make California, vegetarian, and specialty sushi rolls. 

The class came complete with prepared sushi rice, toppings, and Makisu mats for rolling that each guest got to keep, plus tips from the experts on how to recreate guests’ favorite rolls at home.

If anything, newcomers learned that creating good sushi is all about balance and precision; preparing proper sushi rice takes meticulous measurement and process, and spreading rice onto your nori (seaweed wrap), needs to be just the perfect amount for optimal rolling. While a bit of a challenge for first-timers, soon everyone (thanks in part to some liquid courage from River North) was rolling, shaping, and enjoying their own handcrafted sushi rolls.

Catch the next Rollin’ with Rama event on Saturday, April 4, at Sushi-Rama’s DTC/Belleview Station location (no beer this time around, but sake will be available!) and prepare for a night of fun. The popular sushi house also offers, aside from traditional sushi, Nigiri, scrumptious specialty rolls, hot kitchen plates, ramen bowls, and tasty sides like Furikake Fries.

By Erica Buehler