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Boulder’s Best Chef

a chef with a plate of food

Boulder’s Best Chef (2015): Hosea Rosenberg About Hosea Rosenberg, Boulder’s Best Chef: The people of Boulder (and Colorado in general) were ready for a restaurant from Hosea Rosenberg well before Blackbelly {1606 Conestoga Street, #3, Boulder; 303.247.1000} opened in November 2014. Several years before that, he sated local appetites with his Blackbelly catering company and food truck, using ingredients sourced from his own ... Read More »

Boulder’s Best Restaurant

Boulder's best italian

Boulder’s Best Restaurant (2015): Frasca Food and Wine About Frasca Food and Wine, Boulder’s Best Restaurant: While Italian cuisine often gets summed up as pizza and spaghetti in the states, in The Boot, it varies dramatically from region to region. Every area, city, and village has its own specific set of traditions, techniques, and signature products. Frasca Food and Wine {1738 Pearl Street, ... Read More »

9 Paleo Restaurants in Denver and Boulder


Sayonara, grains, dairy, refined sugar, legumes, potatoes, corn, processed foods, and a whole lot of other things! If you’re wondering what you can eat on a paleo diet, the answer is a lot of things. Meat, produce, eggs, and nuts (except peanuts) comprise the core of paleo eating. Whether you’ve gone paleo because it makes you feel as amazing as ... Read More »

12 Refreshing Summer Cocktails

With the heat of summer lasting well into August this year, we’re still craving something cold, refreshing, and boozy. It’s been hard work, but we have scoured the city’s bars and restaurants to find 12 great summertime sippers. There’s something here to please every palate—fruity, fizzy, sweet, sour, shaken, stirred, up, and on the rocks. So chill out and beat the ... Read More »

Denver’s Hot and Spicy Dishes

One bite into a hot pepper and you can feel the fiery seeds light up your mouth. It starts on your tongue—a faint burning sensation—and then stings backwards toward your throat, engulfing your mouth with heat. You may start to fan your mouth or reach for the nearest glass of water, but no matter what you do, at least a faint ... Read More »

Blackbelly Farm Dinner

Join the team from Blackbelly  on August 12th for an unforgettable night on the gorgeous creekside lawn of The Lyons Farmette for a seasonal, multi-course dinner prepared by Chef Hosea Rosenberg and the Blackbelly culinary team. This evening is sure to impress with hand chosen ingredients from the Farmette. Amazing food and unparalleled service are sure to bring you the ultimate ... Read More »

10 Things You Need to Know About Hunt & Gather

It’s very possible that the mushrooms on that crostini you just ordered were hand-picked by a professional forager in the forest. That’s because more and more restaurants have discovered Hunt & Gather, a local business operated by two fungi-loving fellows by the names of Graham Steinruck and Nick Martinez. Graham and Nick met through the matchmaking efforts of their fellow ... Read More »

National Oyster Day – August 5

Ever since Aphrodite rose from the sea on an oyster shell, oysters have been believed to be libido-enhancing aphrodisiacs. On August 5, mollusk-loving foodies have plenty of options for enjoying some of these amino-acid rich bivalves. Whether you like them in their purist form, topped with mignonette, or doused in hot sauce, restaurants in Denver and Boulder have something for ... Read More »

25 Things We Love About Denver and Boulder Right Now

1. The talent, tacos, and tequila of Taco Junky Boulderites in the know are understandably excited about the city’s revitalization of the Hill. And while we might not have seen it coming, we’re certainly glad Taco Junky {303.443.2300} stepped up to elevate the cuisine in the neighborhood. Using the tortilla as a canvas, the TJ team is composing works like the Manolete with oxtail and puffed quinoa, and the B+OMEGA-3 with salmon ... Read More »

Hosea Rosenberg’s Perfect Food Day

Boulder's best chef

Hosea Rosenberg has long been a local celebrated chef in the Boulder scene. While he’s best known for winning Season Five of Top Chef, he’s also worked under Wolfgang Puck, Kevin Taylor, and Dave Query, and spent five years as executive chef at Jax Fish House. When Blackbelly opened last fall, Coloradans finally gained access to a brick-and-mortar temple to his ... Read More »