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Behind the Bar with Saydee Hopkins, Bar Manager of Williams & Graham

Meet Saydee and learn how to make her signature cocktail: Melon Boi It’s no secret that Denver is bursting at the seams with culinary talent. But too often in the shadows are equally talented mixologists—spirit sages who are redefining the cocktail and reimagining our bar experience. And while other cities showcase esoteric craft bitters, artisan ice, and reincarnations of spirits ... Read More »

4 New Classic Cocktail Bars You Need to Visit

Japango Cocktail

Sometime around the end of Prohibition, mixing cocktails from scratch ingredients became a lost art. As late as the 1990s, cocktail lists across the country consisted of Cosmopolitans, Long Island Ice Teas, and Sex on the Beach. But with the turn of this century, classic cocktails—invented at the turn of last century—began to make a comeback. In Denver, this craft cocktail renaissance started with ... Read More »

Chef Jeremy Kittelson’s Perfect Day of Food

Jeremy Kittelson

By Elizabeth Woessner | Online Editor Chef Jeremy Kittelson is a member of Justin Cucci’s talented team at Edible Beats, and the executive chef at Root Down {1600 West 33rd Avenue, Denver; 303.993.4200} and the newly opened Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox {1215 20th Street, Denver; 303.993.8023}. Before joining Edible Beats, he enjoyed a successful culinary career at several award-winning restaurants and resorts, including Chicago’s legendary Blackbird, ... Read More »

10 Denver Spots for Your Next Tinder Date

Williams and Graham

By Maya Silver | Editor Anyone who’s been on a Tinder or other online date knows that the place and circumstances under which you meet are key. So, we’ve put together the top 10 spots to meet for your next Tinder date in Denver–plus when you should go, and what you should order. 1. Punch Bowl Social {65 Broadway; 303.765.2695} Why: ... Read More »

2014 in Review

By the DiningOut Editors  Well, Colorado, it’s time to say adieu to 2014. But before we amble, appetites ever primed, into 2015, it seems only fitting that we give a nod to the culinary achievements of our state. From soaring chef celebrities to grassroots-grown, farm-to-table feasts, we give thanks for the prowess of eminently talented chefs in Denver, Boulder, and ... Read More »

History, Shaken Not Stirred

By Riley Cowing | Contributing Writer During the Prohibition era, a secret knock gave way to dim lighting, good company, and a taste of something illegal–cocktails. When saloons around the country shut down after the 18th Amendment took effect, speakeasies formed quickly in their stead. Patrons had to whisper, or “speak easy,” in order to stealthily visit these illegal establishments disguised as ordinary buildings, such ... Read More »