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A Taste of Italy at Little Spoons

Amelia Di Marco shares a slice of Europe in Platte Park

Italian native Amelia Di Marco always knew she wanted to open a business. Although she never envisioned running a restaurant, when she moved to Denver last year—after a decade in New York—she soon saw a need she could fulfill in the community. Bringing the flavors of Europe to Denver, Di Marco launched Little Spoons {1705 South Pearl Street, Denver; 303.997.9496} in October of last year.

Little Spoons

Serving as the owner and sole employee, Di Marco has truly put her heart into the Platte Park cafe. The interior, outfitted with a pastry case and a quaint lunch counter, features eclectic touches that Di Marco has collected over the years, including a working vintage stove that now serves as a coffee station.

As far as offerings, guests can choose from a rotating selection of Italian pastries from Torta Caprese (chocolate almond flourless cake) and Cantucci (almond cookies), paninis, coffee, and fresh juice blends made to order. Di Marco handles a majority of the baking offsite, cooking at a kitchen space in Centennial but—to keep with authenticity—she sources her bread and croissants from European-styled bakery, La Fillette Bakery. The cafe also offers assorted meats and cheeses, thanks to Italco—an Italian product importer and distributor. For Di Marco, high-quality products are at the core of all of her offerings. “When I prepare my food, I put in a lot of attention and love,” explains Di Marco. “But, at the base level, it starts with a good product.”

little spoons

Photo courtesy of Little Spoons

Simplicity is best when it comes to the dishes at Little Spoons. Di Marco follows a rule in Italian cooking—highlight three ingredients, no more, no less.“There is so much confusion about food these days,” Di Marco states. “Everybody seems to overcomplicate and add ingredients on top of ingredients … I’m not doing anything extravagant, just keeping it very authentic and classic. It’s my philosophy for life in general, for clothing, for shoes, for anything—classics never die.”

Keeping her commitments small and honing in on quality allows Di Marco to provide a story with what she’s serving. She sees each guest interaction as not only a chance to connect but to educate and share knowledge.

“I’m just sharing an experience, this is what I bring to the table,” Di Marco says. “It is different from you and your background, simply because I was raised in a different place far, far away from here. You may have visited Italy 50 times but my point of view is still different from yours and I would like to make it available to you.”  

Little Spoons is open six days a week from Wednesday-Monday from 8:30am-2pm 

Riley Cowing, Contributor