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The FareTrade Delivers Food (and More) From Chefs

Curated boxes of artisan goods on your doorstep

Forget wine-of-the-month club and meal delivery service; there’s a new box in town. The FareTrade takes the “cool stuff in a box, delivered to your door” trend one step beyond: Award-winning chefs from around the country hand-pick a selection of five small-batch products from their town to share with you. Included in the box are recipes featuring each product as an ingredient and a nifty info card highlighting the back story on each item. Partnered with the box are online tutorials from the chefs, including kitchen hacks that will up your cooking game. Each month, a different chef’s choice from a new city are delivered to you, letting you virtually tour dozens of states with your tastebuds.


The FareTrade box, Denver

Denver’s signature box includes selections from local darling Chef Jennifer Jasinski, the force behind Rioja, Stoic & Genuine, and Euclid Hall. Among her top five ingredients? Smoked Orange Bitters from Cocktail Punk, Green Sriracha from Jojo’s, and Strawberry Limoncello Preserves from Red Camper. Her recipes (items you’ll find on her menus), include Rosemary Goat Cheese Biscuits with Strawberry Mascarpone and a Thai Basil Gin Fizz.



Jojo’s Sriracha is part of Jennifer Jasinski’s salad dressing

The FareTrade boxes feature picks from chefs like Jenn Louis (Portland), Bruce Altman (Pasadena), Heong Soon Park (Seattle), and Chefs Phillip Perrow and Caleb Shriver (Richmond), many of whom have garnered James Beard award nods. The benefits are three-fold: you get an interesting box of goodies hand-picked by the nation’s best chefs, you get to try artisan-made products that support small businesses, and you get exciting new recipes from expert chefs using the selected ingredients in one box. Gourmet goodies delivered to your doorstep? Roll out the welcome mat.

By Rebecca Treon, Editor