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10 Questions for NAOE’s Chef Kevin Cory

A Q & A with the man behind Brickell Key's most sought-after tables

Chef Kevin Cory of NAOE & N by NAOE

Chef Kevin Cory, of NAOE and N by NAOE {661 Brickell Key Drive, Brickell; 305.947.6263}, has made a name for himself here in Miami, and every Japanese food aficionado in the Magic City is clamoring to get a seat at one of his tables. While we know and love his cuisine at NAOE and N by NAOE here at DiningOut Miami, we wanted to sit down and get to know the brains behind it, as well.

Here’s what Chef Cory had to say:

Tell us about the concept for NAOE (and N by NAOE).
Originally, my food plan was only to freestyle with various new products, which really wasn’t much of a plan at all. Now, N by NAOE is currently serving real wagyu shabu shabu with a platter of produce on a communal table, which compliments NAOE being mostly small bites of seafood in a private setting.

What do you think makes NAOE so special?
Our heart

You’ve lived and cooked all over the world. Why did you open your restaurants in Miami?
I’m originally from Miami. I enjoy the weather and have witnessed Miami’s improvements over the decades.  I hope to contribute to the uprise by positively representing Miami the best way I can.

You’ve had so many accomplishments up to now. Which one are you most proud of?
Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Award

Say you’re at home for dinner. What do you make?
Nabemono (Japanese “hot pot”)

What’s the one kitchen tool you can’t live without?
A knife with a lighter in the handle

What style of cuisine, other than Japanese, would you love to make?

What spice do you use the most?
Dried whole chili peppers

What’s your go-to drink or cocktail?

You have a weekend off. Where do you go?
Disney World

Who do you love to cook for the most?
Happy people

Happy dining!

By Jennifer Agress | Miami Editor