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Chef Roundtable: International Inspiration

What is your favorite internationally inspired dish on your menu this season?

Mathias Gervais

Chef Mathias Gervais of Jaya 
My favorite dish on the Jaya menu is our Hamachi, and it truly represents who I am as a French chef at The Setai. It is a great expression of my love for Asian food and culture, and my enjoyment of fresh, raw fish marinated in yuzu.

Benjamin Murray

Chef Benjamin Murray of Azul 
My favorite dish is our Warm Alaskan King Crab with umeboshi, Asian pear, and Thai basil. Umeboshi is my favorite ingredient. My mother used to serve us a piece in a bowl of rice when I was a child, and I would always ask for more. Umeboshi is a Japanese fruit that is salted, dried, and pickled; it is very salty and sour. Eventually, I started eating them like candy. We mix it with ponzu and butter and slowly poach the king crab in it until it’s just warm. We aim to hit all the taste buds with the sweetness of Asian pear and cucumber, the heat of pickled chiles, and the fresh herbaceous notes of the Thai basil. It’s a favorite dish of mine, and you will always see it here at Azul.

Fabrizio Picture

Chef Fabrizio Pintus of TiramesU
When I think of spring and summer, I think of light dishes and that usually means fresh seafood. Since South Florida is extra summery, a carpaccio allows me to create an even lighter dish without taking away from the depth of flavor. On the contrary, the delicate makeup of the Capesante—a scallop carpaccio dish—at TiramesU is layered with bursts of citrus, berries, and nutty almonds. That combination really speaks to my palate and I wanted to share it with our customers.

Carpaccio-style dishes are innate to Italian chefs like me and I wanted to find the best and freshest local ingredients to create a version that appeals to South Florida’s tropical palate. Scallops were my choice because they are consistently fresh. I truly see the Capesante as a beautiful combination of Italian and South Florida flavors.