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South Beach Wine and Food Festival – Salt & Straw

Artisan ice cream on a whole new level

As February is fast approaching we’re getting ready for the gourmet gathering that’s synonymous with the month: The South Beach Wine and Food Festival. From February 19 – 23, the 19th annual festival, spanning across three counties, will offer more than 100 events for South Florida residents and visitors to “Eat. Drink. Educate!”

And, if you ask us, we can’t wait for the plethora of master classes being offered–Everything from pie making, to wine pairing, croqueta making, pasta making, pizza making, sushi making and even alcohol-infused ice cream – wait, what?

You read that right! Ever wonder how to spike your ice cream?

For those who have tried ice cream and alcohol pairings before, what is the trick behind creating a master piece? That’s, well, in simple terms, edible!

Which flavors compliment each other? Oh and, here’s the kicker: alcohol doesn’t freeze. So, what’s the science behind it? Have no fear, Salt & Straw Ice Cream based in Portland, Oregon and wine enthusiast, Gabe Urrutia, are teaming up to create the most decadent ice cream in town.

“Ice cream is really made up of four ingredients,” says Tyler Malek the co-founder and head ice cream maker of Salt & Straw Ice Cream.

Kim and Tyler

“Looking at your formula, you need an antifreeze. You need to replace the sugar and use liquors that are intense; like an almond liquor, a liquor that is blunt with flavors or even a tequila or bourbon sorbet. It’s the most magical thing ever!” Malek told DiningOut Miami.

Salt & Straw has 20 locations that not only serve ice cream, but celebrate food movements, social causes and tell the narrative of artisans.

Speaking to the narrative of artisans, the company creates a unique menu in each city that changes every four weeks. And, Malek is proud to say that since the inception of the company, he and his team have created close to 1,000 original flavors. Some of those flavors have even gained a “cult-like following”, he says.

And, speaking to food movements, especially in Miami — we’ve all heard of farm-to-table cuisine. Well, in 2019, Malek led his team in dedicating 20 percent of Salt & Straw ice cream’s menu to be vegan. A.K.A. farm-to-cone, but with the same thoughtful indulgence to non-dairy flavors as he does with others.

It’s no doubt that Salt & Straw is the perfect addition to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival joining other artisans like Francis Mallmann, the culinary mastermind behind Los Fuegos at Faena Hotel Miami or Nobu sushi chefs, teaching guests how to make World-renowned sushi that blends traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re just scratching the surface on some of the fun guests can partake in at the SOBEWFF!  For a full overview of seminars, click here!

By Loren Gutentag, contributing writer