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Chef Roundtable: Presentation

One question, three chefs

Jason Pringle

Why is food presentation so important when it comes to dining? as a chef, how do you ensure a beautiful plate? Executive Chef Fabrizio Pintus of TiramesU I believe dish presentation is an essential part of the dining experience. First of all—because the visual element is the first impression—sight is the first sense to entice the diner. For this reason, ... Read More »

Chef Roundtable

What culinary trends do you foresee being popular in 2015?

With the new year will come new trending ingredients, cooking philosophies, and dishes. Here’s what local chefs think 2015 will hold. Chef de Cuisine Marlon Rambaran of Scarpetta at The Fontainebleau For starters, I think dining will continue to evolve with technology. I think both restaurants and diners will continue to become more tech-savvy, whether it be tablet ordering, pre-ordering meals ... Read More »