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Top Wines for Winter

Over the past two years, Top  Wines Import–a U.S.-based importer of fine wines from around the world–has experienced tremendous growth, thanks in part to their flagship Italian wines. These wines are produced everywhere from the Alps to Sicily, and exhibit some of the world’s finest vintages. Their recent success has allowed them to present customers with excellent quality and selection. Luckily, winter is the perfect time to continue sipping. Enjoy some of Top Wines’ exciting new selections with your favorite seasonal fare.

Pinot Grigio Santa Elvira

Santa Elvira Pinot Grigio
One of the most renowned Italian wines the world over, Pinot Grigio is an excellent choice for pairing with food—especially a creamy handcrafted pasta. Born in the Lombardy region, this wine offers a delicate bouquet of acacia flowers, hawthorn, and fruit with a dry and pleasant impression on the palate.


Desmonta Nero D’Arcole
This mysterious red wine hails from Verona, the Italian city of love. It is comprised of a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Segreto dell’Enologo (Italian for winemaker’s secret). The resulting blend is deep red with a fresh, fruity nose and notes of cocoa and cherry. The full-bodied taste is soft, persistent, and slightly tannic—just like true love.


Desmonta Rinero
This bold red is a blend of predominantly Merlot grapes, balanced by 20-percent Cabernet Sauvignon. A bright ruby red, this wine bursts with flavors of blueberry and spice, and satisfies with a rich, bold texture.


Giorgi Lady Ginerva
Lauded as a “lady of wines,” Giorgi Lady Ginerva presents herself with a straw color and fruity aromas from Riesling Renano and Chardonnay grapes. Along with Sauvignon Blanc aromas, the bouquet is elegant and ample. The balance of acid and sapidity results in a harmonious white wine—a lovely match for seafood and pasta.

To learn more about Top Wines Import and where you can find these wines in your area, visit topwinesimport.com.