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Food Culture: Spain

Food Culture: Spain - Dining Out NJ Winter 2018

Spain brought new ingredients to the native populations of the Americas. In turn, Spain brought back ingredients from the Americas and incorporated them into their own cuisine. The arrival of the Spanish in America in 1492 initiated the export of potatoes, corn, bell and chili peppers, paprika, vanilla, and chocolate. Many traditional dishes such as tortilla de Patatai (omelette with ... Read More »

Food Culture: Japan

Food Culture Japan - Fall 2018

From sizzling skewers of yakitori to exotic sushi platters, it comes as no surprise that Japanese cuisine has found its way into the hearts of American diners. The cuisine has encapsulated crowds looking for an evening filled with amazing food and a side of cultural ambiance. Take a closer look at some of the most popular Japanese dishes served right ... Read More »

35 Years of the River Palm Terrace

River Palm Terrace - Face Off - Fall 2018

For decades, The River Palm Terrace {416 River Rd., Edgewater, NJ; 201-224-2013;} has painstakingly upheld its reputation as one of North Jersey’s finest steakhouses. Serving top-grade steaks and chops, fresh seafood from the waters of Africa and Alaska, creative sushi, and a medley of seductive desserts, The River Palm Terrace is committed to delivering the best dining experience. Constantly ... Read More »

A Feast For The Senses

Dining in the Dark at Camaje

Camaje {85 MacDougal St., New York, NY; 212-673-8184;} is a unique Franco-American bistro in NYC’s Greenwich Village, with savory eats and a cozy ambiance. Thirteen years ago, chef-owner Abby Hitchcock and friend artist/choreographer friend Dana Salisbury, were inspired by a dining concept they had seen overseas and thought that not only would it be a successful idea stateside, but ... Read More »

Food Culture: American

Fire and Oak American Grill

Though American food is not quite as easy to categorize as the traditional foods of other nations, there is a distinctly American fusion of cultures which creates an authentic ambience and cuisine that is unequivocally American. When we envision classic American dining, we might picture a meal taking place in an old tavern with dim lighting, wooden booths, and a ... Read More »

Flamenco Nights

Flamenco Guitar

Arguably the most famous dance in Spain, flamenco dates all the way back to the 18th century. Made of three parts—the song, the guitar, and the dance—flamenco is adored by music and dance lovers around the globe. Scout out traditional flamenco performances accompanied by authentic eats, right here in The Garden State. Sayola {50 Prospect Terrace, Tenafly; 201.871.2182;} At Sayola ... Read More »

The Ask: Chef Favorites for Family and Friends

The Ask - Chefs Favorites for Family

What is your favorite meal to prepare for family and friends, and why? Chefs work long, grueling hours in the kitchen, sacrificing weekends and holidays to fulfill their passion for creating culinary masterpieces for the masses. And while one might think the last thing they’d want to do is more cooking on their coveted days off, these palate pleasers are ... Read More »

Alfresco Dining

Sicilian Sun Patio

There is nothing better than basking in the balmy days of summer with your nearest and dearest and enjoying fine fare, alfresco-style. Whether planning a romantic date night for two or hosting a group of friends and family, this lineup of modish dining establishments offers good times, great food, some with charming sidewalk cafes, some with breathtaking views of New ... Read More »

Brunch at City Perch in Fort Lee NJ - IPIC