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Chef Showcase: Amar Santana of Vaca and Broadway

Chef Amar Santana of Broadway and Vaca

Chef Amar Santana of Broadway and Vaca

Born in the Dominican Republic, Chef Amar Santana immigrated to the United States at age 13, beginning his culinary career shortly afterwards at age 16. From his earliest days in the kitchen, he was mentored by some of the most renowned chefs in the industry—a foundation that ultimate led to celebrity at his own restaurants, Vaca and Broadway, and on television with Bravo’s “Top Chef, Season 13.” A master of fusion cuisine, Chef Santana is keen on offering his guests an unforgettable gastronomical experience through the inventive blending of world flavors and ingredients.

What is your culinary passion?
Making people happy with my food. It’s all about the guest and providing them with the best experience and seeing them smile.

What are you most proud of in your culinary career?
Making it to top chef finalist on “Top Chef” and opening my own restaurants.

What advice do you have for wide-eyed young chefs eager to build a successful culinary career?
Work, work, work, work. Don’t chase the money at first—try to learn as much as you can from different chefs and stay at each job for at least a year.

For more information on Chef Santana and both Vaca and Broadway restaurants, visit vacagroup.com.