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from Chef Anna Montoya of Central Restaurant


serves one or two


5-6 oz sea bass
salt and pepper to taste
1 lime
1-4 tsp amarillo pepper purée
2-3 drops garlic-infused olive oil
2 oz shaved red onion
1 oz Andean corn
1 oz cancha (Peruvian corn nuts)
lettuce leaf, for garnish
yam, cooked


Thinly slice the fish and lightly salt. Place freshly squeezed lime juice in a mixing bowl and add amarillo pepper, a splash of water, salt and pepper to taste, and the garlic-infused olive oil. Add to salted bass slices. Toss lightly without damaging fish and add onions and cilantro. Plate dish in a bowl to look like a mound. Sprinkle both types of corn on top and add a fresh lettuce leaf for decoration. Serve with slices of yam for a palate cleanser in between bites.