Surf, Turf, and Satisfaction

By Karl Vela Meet the crown jewels of Margate: John’s steaks, shuckers, and the illustrious Johnny’s Café. These three restaurants run the culinary gamut, offering guests intimate dinners, a place to cool off with a beer, and a decadent seafood feast, all steps away from each other. There are two very important qualities that unite these three restaurants, however different …

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Then and Now: A Culinary Conclave

By Jeffrey Steen | Managing Editor … Bullipedia and the elBulli Foundation will grow, and contributions will ensure that the world of haute cuisine will not remain locked in ivory towers and many-starred kitchens. It will be of all, and for all. When the doors closed on legendary elBulli restaurant in Spain in 2011, the world held its breath. Small …

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Welcome Home to Del Frisco’s

By Karl Vela Our culture is very big on reminding us that you can only make one first impression. A bad introduction—even a bland one—can leave a sour taste in a person’s mouth. Why then, in so many of our restaurants, are we standing shoulder to shoulder with other patient foodies like cattle in a feed lot, our names being …

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