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Food Focus: Taiwan

Taiwan sits between southeast Asia, China and Japan—three pow­er­­houses of culi­nary tradition. While the island’s cuisine draws from them all, it still shines with its distinct taste. “We have our own unique flavor. The local ingredients make it ours,” says private chef Ivy Chen, who runs hands-on cooking classes out of her cozy, Taipei apartment. Having mastered the art of ... Read More »

Glass Bottles, Glass Ceilings

Cynthia Lohr

In 2005, New York City-based tech marketing guru Deborah Brenner took a trip to Napa that would change her life—and the role of women in wine—forever. During her tour of the area’s famous wineries, she discovered how male-dominated the wine industry is. She even learned of several cases where a winery made a conscious decision to omit a female winemaker’s ... Read More »

Food Talk

In “The Language of Food,” Stanford University linguistics professor and chair Dan Jurafsky journeys into the linguistic history of all things culinary. Jurafsky explores food terminology with easy-to-digest etymologies, entertaining anecdotes, and even snippets of ancient recipes—as well as some not-so-ancient ones, like Emily Dickinson’s recipe for coconut cake. “The Language of Food” asks questions about the similarities between words like macaroon, macaron, and ... Read More »

Chase ‘N Our Face

When Chase Bailey was just 11 years old, he started his own cooking show: Chase ‘N Yur Face. Working with his hands in the kitchen, interviewing chefs, and acting in front of the camera have helped him conquer the challenges of his autism diagnosis. Together with his mom, Mary, he blogs regularly and films a couple episodes each month in ... Read More »

Chase Bailey’s Apricot Amazeballs Recipe

Apricot Amazeballs

Apricot Amazeballs from Chef Chase Bailey of Chase ‘N Yur Face serves five Ingredients 15 whole fresh apricots 15 small mozzarella bocconcini 1 jalapeño, diced (optional) 1 c flour 1 Tbsp cornstarch 1-1/2 c soda water 1-2 Tbsp sugar* 1-1/2 qts canola oil *Sugar is only necessary if you’re making the Amazeballs as a dessert. Method Cut apricots in half ... Read More »

European Health Secrets

Beyond the Mediterranean

Paleo. Gluten-free. Raw foods. Which of these dietary trends have you or someone you know tested in the recent past? Award-winning culinary nutritionist and Boulder-based author Layne Lieberman, RD, believes the key to a healthy lifestyle is simpler than these passing fads. While living in Switzerland, she discovered the eating habits that allow the Swiss to enjoy the second longest ... Read More »

Openings: Winter 2014-2015

By Monica Parpal and Maya Silver | Editors S&M Sausage and Meat {4130 Park Boulevard; Phone TBD} Opened on November 4, S&M Sausage and Meat brings together equal parts pork and passion. The brainchild of Scott Slater, founder of Slater’s 50/50, this modern, fast-casual meatery brings guests the best of local (and global) eclectic meats, served in a hybrid fast-casual ... Read More »

From the South to the Sea

Interview by Josh Kopelman What early memories most inspire your cooking? All of them, really. [Laughs] I grew up in a restaurant family and have always been exposed to it. As a fourth generation restaurateur, I find the kitchen to be an inspiring environment. Tell us about a dish or recipe from those early days that really inspired you. My ... Read More »

Beer In Review

By Erin Jackson and Sigrid Nelson Q-and-A with Co-Founder Kory Stetina of LOVELIKEBEER What is LOVELIKEBEER? LOVELIKEBEER is a pop-up restaurant concept. We host dinner events that pair craft beer and artisan vegan cuisine to raise money for charitable causes. The Menu Series is a spin-off that provides permanent access to some of our best culinary creations. We partner with ... Read More »

Taste of History

By Erin Jackson | City Editor San Diego’s Bernardo Winery has a history dating back to 1889, when it was founded by Sicilian immigrant Vincent Rizzo. From the very beginning, Bernardo embraced the arduous work of wine-making and roughed its way through many difficult years, including the Great Depression and Prohibition, to become the landmark property it is in 2014. ... Read More »