Food Talk

With Dan Jurafsky, author of "The Language of Food"

In “The Language of Food,” Stanford University linguistics professor and chair Dan Jurafsky journeys into the linguistic history of all things culinary. Jurafsky explores food terminology with easy-to-digest etymologies, entertaining anecdotes, and even snippets of ancient recipes—as well as some not-so-ancient ones, like Emily Dickinson’s recipe for coconut cake. “The Language of Food” asks questions about the similarities between words like macaroon, macaron, and ... Read More »

European Health Secrets

Boulder author Layne Lieberman dishes on Swiss, French, and Italian diet tips

Beyond the Mediterranean

Paleo. Gluten-free. Raw foods. Which of these dietary trends have you or someone you know tested in the recent past? Award-winning culinary nutritionist and Boulder-based author Layne Lieberman, RD, believes the key to a healthy lifestyle is simpler than these passing fads. While living in Switzerland, she discovered the eating habits that allow the Swiss to enjoy the second longest ... Read More »

Then and Now: A Culinary Conclave

Chef Ferran Adrià and the elBulli Foundation

By Jeffrey Steen | Managing Editor … Bullipedia and the elBulli Foundation will grow, and contributions will ensure that the world of haute cuisine will not remain locked in ivory towers and many-starred kitchens. It will be of all, and for all. When the doors closed on legendary elBulli restaurant in Spain in 2011, the world held its breath. Small ... Read More »

In Vino es Veritas

Kermit Lynch revisits his adventures in French wine country after 25 years

By Maya Silver | Editor  Before wine country tours fell into vogue, Kermit Lynch—a wine merchant, musician, and writer among other things—wandered the French hillsides in search of the perfect bottle. Twenty-five years after the publication of “Adventures on the Wine Route,” his classic memoir will be reprinted with additional material. Regrettably, we weren’t able to taste wines with Mr. ... Read More »

Remembering Charlie Trotter (1959 – 2013)

DiningOut memorializes the great Chicago chef

By Maya Silver | Editor Many aspiring chefs pay their dues (literally) by attending culinary school to lay down a proper educational foundation. What did Charlie Trotter do to prepare for a culinary career? The self-taught chef took a year off from college to read as many books as possible, many of which were cookbooks. This led to the launch ... Read More »

Christopher Kimball Illustrated

The Isaac Newton of the kitchen talks dining in, dining out, and mock turtle soup

By Maya Silver | Editor There has long raged a debate as to whether cooking is, at its heart, a science or an art. For Christopher Kimball, founding father of the Cook’s Illustrated kingdom, the answer is clear as clarified butter. Kimball has devoted himself to using scientific analysis to perfect recipes, techniques, and even product selection. Kimball’s vision is ... Read More »

Four Score and Seven Meals Ago …

The dish on President Lincoln

 By Maya Silver | Editor  “My childhood’s home I see again, And sadden with the view … The very spot where grew the bread That formed my bones, I see. How strange, old field, on thee to tread, And feel I’m part of thee!” —Abraham Lincoln, 1846 It all began in a one-room cabin in Indiana that served as a ... Read More »

The BLT Exclusive

Chef Laurent Tourondel shares tales from his colorful past

In the thick of the delicious chaos at the SoBe Wine & Food Fest, DiningOut sat down for a conversation and refreshments with globetrotting, bacon-loving, French chef Laurent Tourondel at BLT Steak in the Betsy Hotel of Miami, just one of his 16 restaurants.   DiningOut: What’s your first memory of cooking—the moment that really sparked your interest—and who was ... Read More »

Kitchen Snapshot

Marc Zimmerman, Yumin Lin, and Gerardo Naranjo of Alexander’s Steakhouse

Interview by Alastair Bland | City Editor DiningOut: You got your start in cooking in an Italian restaurant. Did that influence your career path? Was there anything particularly impactful about that experience? Marc Zimmerman: I started cooking in a little Italian spot in Indianapolis when I was in high school. The restaurant put me on the line when one of ... Read More »

Chef Roundtable

It’s your turn to host the family holiday shindig. What do you make and why?

Kevin Webber, Executive Chef at The Cliff House I would do a cioppino. It’s such a traditional fall dish, especially here in the Bay Area. At Thanksgiving, the season for Dungeness crab has just started, and that’s when the meat is the fullest and heaviest. It’s a hearty meal, and as elegant as it looks, cioppino is very easy to ... Read More »