Hitting All the Right Notes

El Paseo, a historic gem reimagined

Sammy Hagar at El Paseo

By Richard Brenna When Sammy Hagar recently bought, renovated, and reopened El Paseo in his hometown of Mill Valley, the music legend was motivated by ideals far more dear to him than money. He did it, he says, for his love of people, food, family, and wine. El Paseo was built in 1947—coincidently the same year Hagar was born in central California—but the path of ... Read More »

Pullman Pleasures

Journey through time on the Napa Valley Wine Train

By Maya Silver | Editor It’s almost impossible for a food lover to resist the lure of an edible adventure. There are restaurants under the sea with marine views; Old-World brasseries huddled cliff-side in the Alps; and dining in the dark with servers donning night-vision goggles. But our culinary escapade of choice? The Napa Valley Wine Train. While some unconventional ... Read More »

Then and Now: A Culinary Conclave

Chef Ferran Adrià and the elBulli Foundation

By Jeffrey Steen | Managing Editor … Bullipedia and the elBulli Foundation will grow, and contributions will ensure that the world of haute cuisine will not remain locked in ivory towers and many-starred kitchens. It will be of all, and for all. When the doors closed on legendary elBulli restaurant in Spain in 2011, the world held its breath. Small ... Read More »

San Francisco Private Dining

Awe-inspiring private venues in San Francisco

By Alastair Bland | City Editor It’s not always enough to be dining in one of San Francisco’s most celebrated restaurants. Sometimes, you want the place to yourself. That’s why more and more restaurants are now offering private event spaces for parties big and small. Groups the size of a family and those large enough to fill a concert hall ... Read More »

Chef Roundtable

It’s your turn to host the family holiday shindig. What do you make and why?

Kevin Webber, Executive Chef at The Cliff House I would do a cioppino. It’s such a traditional fall dish, especially here in the Bay Area. At Thanksgiving, the season for Dungeness crab has just started, and that’s when the meat is the fullest and heaviest. It’s a hearty meal, and as elegant as it looks, cioppino is very easy to ... Read More »

The Story of a Culinary Legend

How Yoshi's transformed the food and music of San Francisco

By Alastair Bland | City Editor Rhythms are changing at Yoshi’s San Francisco. The six-year-old Fillmore Street landmark first gained its reputation as a jazz club, with a longer history in the genre going back to the early 1970s in the East Bay. But now, the popular venue anchored in the heart of the evolving Fillmore District is becoming increasingly ... Read More »