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Proposition Chicken

FriedchickenPolitics and dinner have never been more delicious. Partner Ari Feingold puts it this way: “The reason we called it Proposition Chicken is because everyone feels really strongly about their chicken choices, especially in the Bay Area. So we had a little fun using the intensity of the San Francisco ballot initiative for the way you eat your chicken.” That intensity centers on free-range birds in a quick-service concept. You can have it one of three ways: fried, rotisserie-style, or in veggie form (tofu). You can get in a sandwich, on a salad, or simply on the bone. There will also be sides to add some meat to the meal: wings, biscuits, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and hand-cut fries. It’s all slated for first service in mid-October, so prepare your taste buds for chicken done right, no matter what the Colonel says. 1750 Market Street; 415.864.2454; propositionchicken.com