Call for Submissions

Put pen to paper and let us know what's going on it your world. /Dan Barbalata ©

Please share your voice! If you’re in the independent hospitality industry, we want to publish you! 

Restaurateurs are storytellers. That’s what we do. In our industry, those stories are on a plate, but we know creativity has no bounds. If your experience, your thoughts, your perspective can’t fit on a plate, put it to paper.

DiningOut is by and for Colorado’s independent hospitality community. We have an editorial advisory board made up of owners, employees, and vendors from around Colorado—people who know what’s going on behind the scenes, who understand the hustle, who are ravenous for real talk. 

Beyond that, we want to hear from you. We want to hear from Front Range farm-to-table restaurants, from ski-town saloons, from Eastern Plains eateries, and Western Slope watering holes. We want to know what bartenders, hosts, owners, servers, dishwashers, and distributors have to say. In short, we want your thoughts, questions, and experience on our industry’s wins, losses, challenges, and controversies. 

Send us something long or short, positive or negative, passionate or analytical. Dig as deep as you want. Nothing is off limits. We’ll be publishing both digitally and in print. Whether you want to tell your own story on a plate or a page, we’re here for you. 

Please contact Amanda Faison at or Josh Dinar at with any questions or if you’d like to discuss your piece in person. 

Thank you for lending your voice!


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