Cities Are Betting on Patio Weather through October

Here's to a second summer.

Bars and restaurants along Boulder's Pearl Street Mall can now seat customers outside until October 31./Jennifer Lobo©

Winter is coming. Even if the recent heat wave belies the approach of fall, restaurants and bars that have relied on expanded patio seating know the day is coming when the weather changes or the powers that be make them pack up their plastic chairs, umbrellas, and sandbags. At least the latter has been pushed back, with the cities of Denver and Boulder announcing extensions to their temporary outdoor seating programs. Denver businesses that have already been approved for additional patio space through September 7 will be able to continue to sit customers outdoors through October 31.

Unfortunately, in Denver permits won’t be automatically extended because of insurance requirements and some previously scheduled construction projects. Thankfully, the renewal process is fairly painless—and free, thanks to a waiver of permit fees. Eateries that added seating entirely on private land and aren’t taking up any public right-of-way have it the easiest; they’ll just have to download an extension notice template, post it for five days, and provide proof of the posting. The city of Denver website has complete instructions.

If your business impacts the public right-of-way, decide now if you want to request the extension through October 31. If so, email as soon as possible with your business name, address, permit number (this will start with 2020-PW-00), and a copy of your insurance certificate showing coverage through the end of October. Owners who don’t wish to take advantage of the extension should also email the city to indicate they will continue to utilize the expanded seating through September 7, but don’t need to take any additional action. Again, the full instructions can be found on the City’s website.

Boulder has made the process truly seamless. Participating bars and restaurants that received expansion permits through September 30 under the Boulder Business Recovery Program will have those permits automatically extended through October 31. Details are up on the city of Boulder website.

What’s going on in your municipality? Email and let us know so we can get the word out to other business owners in your area.


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