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Third-party delivery wreaking havoc on your financials? RSI has your back.

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You’ve just gotten your 97th complaint about a Grubhub delivery arriving cold (and looking suspiciously nibbled upon). You’re ready to kick Grubhub to the curb, but then you remember the carnage to your books that ensued when you realized DoorDash wasn’t collecting sales taxes and couldn’t integrate with your POS system. Then there’s the issue that Uber Eats’ fees are outrageous and its customer service is egregious. How on earth are you supposed to figure out the best third-party delivery platform to work with for your business? And once you pick one (or two, or more) to work with, what’s the best way to make sure that the money and brainpower you’re lavishing on these partners are worth it?

These answers—and more—can be found in a series of webinars created by Restaurant Solutions, Inc. (RSI). The Littleton restaurant accounting and management services company launched the free webinars in April as a response to challenges restaurants and bars were facing while closed to dine-in service because of COVID-19. Topics run the gamut from managing cash flow in turbulent times to reopening without breaking the bank. More recent sessions include menu design to maximize your margins and a deep dive into balance sheets.

Keep an eye on RSI’s Facebook page to RSVP for upcoming webinars; they’re free, open to everyone, and generally take about 45 minutes of your time. Can’t catch it at the scheduled time? Visit its resource center, where you can access all prior webinars, as well as posts and Q & As about everything from working with your landlord to Colorado’s new sick leave legislation set to go into effect next year.


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