EatDenver & The “New” DiningOut Magazine

Pras Boonwong ©

We’re thrilled to share that DiningOut magazine has taken a major turn, shifting its mission to becoming a voice of the independent restaurant community and building a magazine and digital presence that leverages the power of the collective industry. In short: DiningOut is moving from a public-facing publication to an industry-focused one, and we’re excited to partner. 

We view DiningOut’s new focus as an extension of what EatDenver has done for 13 years, which is supporting and strengthening the independent restaurant community by pooling resources, building collective knowledge, sharing case studies, and discussing industry challenges and opportunities—all to help raise up independent restaurants and foster collaboration within our industry. 

We’ve been working closely with Josh Dinar and the DiningOut team (including familiar faces Amanda Faison and Amy Antonation), sharing insight on the rapid shifts in priorities, policy, relief efforts and advocacy, and discussion over the last five months. EatDenver is looking forward to working with DiningOut to create more opportunities for this community to pool resources, discuss challenges and opportunities, and connect further. 

The first print issue of the “new DiningOut” in October will dive into the theme of “Rethinking Our Why,” and they’re looking for members of the industry to share your answer to “Why are we here?” (As in, why, when the restaurant world is so challenged, and the future is so uncertain, are we still getting up each day to do this?). The first issue will also include stories about racial and social equity in the restaurant space and the changing face of restaurant criticism, as well as op-eds from Dana Rodriguez, Juan Padro, Jensen Cummings, and many others. 


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