Restaurants Rally the Vote

You're one of 11 million hospitality workers in America. Together, we can make our industry's collective voice heard.


You know the hospitality industry is essential; we know the hospitality is essential. And after this spring, everyone who’s benefited from takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup when they just couldn’t bear another bowl of cereal for dinner does, too. But does Washington, D.C.?

All too often, the voices of the hospitality industry (which is one of the largest employers in the nation, second only to the federal government) aren’t heard in the voting booth. Issues that affect everyone who shows up day in, day out to work at a restaurant or bar—minimum wage, sick leave, and now federal assistance for independently-owned restaurants—aren’t discussed by policy wonks and journalists with the same seriousness as tax breaks for huge corporations.

That’s why Restaurants Rally the Vote, a project helmed by local eateries Big Red F Restaurant Group, Chook, and Snooze, as well as EatDenver and PR firm Baltz & Co., has launched. The effort urges food and drink business owners to sign the Restaurants Rally to Vote pledge and provide info, resources, and social media messaging encouraging employees to register to vote and then cast their ballots by November 3—just 48 days away! You’ll get a calendar, resources and suggested social media posts. Head over to Restaurants Rally the Vote website for more info in both English and Spanish.

Not an owner? Doesn’t matter—hit up the site for plenty of general info about voting, including how to find out if you’re registered, where you can drop off your mail-in ballot or vote in person, important dates and deadlines, and even how to register on Election Day itself.

What would it take to get everyone in your joint registered? Email your experiences (and thoughts, opinions, and questions—anything, really) to


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