The (Restaurant) Show Must Go On

The Colorado Restaurant & Bar show trades in-person gatherings for online education this year.

Somchai T. ©

We can all agree: 2020 has been a complete and utter shitshow. And as a result of that, the Colorado Restaurant & Bar Show is going online this year. Instead of an in-person expo and its attendant crowds, the Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA) is bringing you a virtual education series starting Wednesday, September 23.

Rather than stand shoulder to shoulder with potentially unmasked heavy breathers, you can shed your pants (which are totally optional during a pandemic) and tune in at 2:30 p.m. to hear Gourav Patel (of consulting firm Provisions Hospitality Group) and Adam Schlegal (of Snooze and Chook) talk COVID contingency planning. First step: Take off your pants! After that, they’ll address how to prepare for the unexpected, ideas for cutting costs and increasing revenues, and projecting your revenue in uncertain time. And maybe even more importantly, they’ll discuss how you can nimbly adjust your forecasting in a year that’s been nothing but change.

To register, head over to Cadence to create an account. You can then check out the series schedule, where you’ll sign up for weekly webinars. Currently on the schedule are sessions on making sure you have enough cash on hand to weather the storm (Dave Query and Joe Vostrejs are presenters); embracing change and increasing profits; and case studies on starting a takeout operation from the ground floor. Every webinar includes time for a Q&A session. The plan is to add more sessions through Wednesday, November 17 (then again, you know what they say about mice, men, plans, and this catastrophic year). So check back often to make sure you don’t miss the discussions that will be most beneficial to your business during this 100 percent unpredictable, 75 percent pantsless year.


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